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Trouble installing labview runtime engine

Can not install labview runtime engine.  Says there is already a higher version installed.
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Yes, this is a pain - and I have no idea why NI would design their installers in this way. I can think of no rational reason. In any case, the work around is to uninstall everything and then reinstall in a different order. For example, I ran into the problem was trying to install a runtime executable on a machine that already has some NI drivers installed. Part of that installation was that it installed the V7.1 runtime engine. When I then went to install my executable which was built in V7.0 it wouldn't install. To get around this bug I had to uninstall all NI software and then reinstall my executable and then the drivers, in that order.


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As Mike has suggested, to uninstall all NI traces from your system, you may need the msiblast.exe.

Search the forums to get it. Run it & it ll take care of removing all the NI programs installed on your system.

Then, you can go ahead installing the lower version RTE [ run-time engine ].

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