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Why AND Array function gives true for empty array elements ?

In first the array control is empty the AND Array Elements function gives the result as True, is it correct  behaviour ? Explain me !
After inserting boolean conditions to the array control it works correctly.
i am using labview 7.1
screenshot attached.
-Kumar B.

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Hi Kumar,

this is expected behaviour and (supposedly) mathematically correct:
see here,

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@TonP wrote:
this is expected behaviour and (supposedly) mathematically correct:


It is supposedly MATHEMATICALLY correct, is it LOGICALLY correct... ?! Smiley Wink

Just joked ! Smiley Very Happy

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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Another test to check the logic of your mind : What is the expected result of Check if File or Folder with an empty path wired to it ?

And the answer is...

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Without any doubt the answer in "True"
Empty path is the root ("/") path.  On windows and mac this is an imaginary folder that contains all the hard drives as subdirectories. On linux, this is the root / directory.

Side note : what happens if you launch "Delete Recursive function" with an empty path as input :-o, be carefull !

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