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Timing is off

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I am certain there is a simple solution but I haven't written a VI in several years. Attached is a snippet of code that calls on a sensor connected via 485. I am struggling to control the frequency of measurement. I would like to be able to tell it to read data 10 ms, 100 ms, or 1000 ms, etc. but at the moment I can't seem to control it. Any thoughts?

Thank you.

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It looks like you are reading from 2 separate channels? The "Wait (ms)" you are using has the effect

Start For Loop

Wait X ms

Read Channel 1

Wait X ms

Read Channel 2

Exit For Loop

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Can you dumb that down for me? I don't know how to break the 2 channels into separate reads as you describe. Thanks.

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I think you already are doing 2 reads by using the For loop

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I was totally overthinking this. Thanks.

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