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Send email on labview using the Gmail Server (TLS)

smercurio_fc wrote:
Here you go.


Very nice example!  By the way, you should make sure to close all the .Net references that are opened, or you will consume (leak) lots of memory.





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Just to make sure: I didn't write the example. I just resaved it as 8.2 as the user requested. Smiley Wink
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Thank you for your example, but I got an error.

Did I forgot something?


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That looks like a DNS problem at your end. What happens if you try to "ping" at a command line prompt?
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smercurio_fc wrote:
Just to make sure: I didn't write the example. I just resaved it as 8.2 as the user requested. Smiley Wink


Noted 😉
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Would somebody please save this in Labview 7.1 format? I'm very interested to play with it.


I'm limited as my company is not ready to upgrade my licence at this time


Thank you!


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Here's a screenshot of the code.



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Here it is in LabVIEW 7.1. Enjoy!! Great code by the way. Smiley Happy
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Fantastic -thanks a million. This is very useful code!
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When I use this VI and attach a LabVIEW generated text file to the email, when I try to write to the text file again (In LabVIEW), it is reporting that the file is already open. Error 5.


I then added code to this VI that would send a screenshot via Gmail. When I save the screenshot as a JPG and then attach it to the gmail, the same Error 5 occurs (file apready open) when I try to delete the JPG. Something is not being closed.....


Any clues to what this could be? I was wondering if it had to do with the NET references not being closed as someone else had stated earlier in this thread.



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