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how to update windspee on front panel from any website?

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i want to display wind speed on my front panel. labview should get wind speed from any web address.

how can i do that?

any idea?



Asif Iqbal

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To get data from a website, you need to use the HTTP functions in Labview. The data format will change how you need to process the data. I went ahead and made an example in Labview 2016. I found the data by searching for json wind speed in Google. I then had to make a cluster that conformed to the data returned by the web API.


Hope this gets you started.

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Thanks dear

this is very helpful to me...

 if i want to get these information of my location can i use same website to get all these information..



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For that site's capabilities, you'll be best served spending time on that site.


I'd imagine most of them have a standard URL format that you can use to change the location if you so desire.

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You need ask for an API key to use their site for anything other than the toy problem I did.

"Do not send requests more than 1 time per 10 minutes from one device/one API key. Normally the weather is not changing so frequently."


Hopefully this is helpful to you.

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its mean that i can get weather information one time by one key?

if i want my front should automatically update its weather information after every 15 minutes so?



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i changed it according to my location and also put key but not getting weather information ..



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Note that the URL is different for the toy problem I did and what you need to do when calling the API.

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Thanks majoris,


It is working, but may you tell me how can i make this view compact,

i mean i do not want all these information, if i want only wind speed direction,coordinates any one or two more.

how can i fetch these?



Asif Iqbal

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Accepted by topic author Asif138

The answer is to unbundle the cluster of data and make a control with only the data you want. But the real answer is to spend some time learning labview. NI posts lots of materials on their website and there are lots of materials in places such as Youtube. Your initial question was a bit more challenging, but this stuff is kinda basic so you can learn it from the materials they have online.


I did a quick search and found these:

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