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Send email on labview using the Gmail Server (TLS)

Hello Marinica,


This forum is really old.


I will recommend you to open a new one with your issue to get better help.

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I get the following error when I try ..Error 1172 and it seems like the main error is:The server response was: 5.5.1 Authentication Required 

How can I fix this issue?

I would greatly appreciate your himage.pngelp

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@MoReese wrote:

I don't know.  The only error I got was related to an empty address field.  Are the fields filled with valid e-mail addresses?  Try the VI attached.  It's what you posted I just took the liberty of cleaning up your error handling a bit.

I tested it out and it works for me.  Make sure your fields are filled properly.

This vi works fine for me

Thanks MoReese

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Hi Tintin,

This appears to be a very old forum post and may not be monitored by the people who answered previously still. I would recommend posting this as a new thread to get more attention from our other forum members.

Jen P.
Applications Engineering
National Instruments
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