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Scanned variable read function - all channels

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Scanned variable read function - all channels

Does anybody know a way to read all channels of a c-series module with one function? The below archived white paper shows all channels on a module can be read with the scanned variable read function, but when i do this, i get the attached error. I'd prefer one function icon that outputs an array instead of, for example, dragging and dropping 32 I/O shared variables then wiring these to a build array function.


Thanks guys!

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Re: Scanned variable read function - all channels

What c-series module are you trying to perform the scanned read with? I just tried a 9205 and a cRIO-9033 running LV2017, and it worked without error.


If you right-click the refnum, then expand Select Variable Class, what's the current class type? Note mine is listed as a 9205 Variable Container:


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Re: Scanned variable read function - all channels

Good Morning Michael!


My setup details are labVIEW 2015 sp1, cRIO9075 with NI 9213 and NI 9207 modules. i drag & drop a scanned variable read function, click the refnum in, create constant. I then click the refnum drop-down arrow, browse. For both browse options, Variable Engines and Current Project, the module is grayed out so selection is disabled. See attached jpg. i can select individual channels, but not the module. When i manually edit the refnum text to delete /TC0 and run the code, i get an error. Variable class is shown in attached jpg. 


i'll start researching the variable classes, maybe it is a configuration issue. 


Ryan - CLD


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Re: Scanned variable read function - all channels

I noticed in my previous post i did not set a data type on the scanned variable read function first before creating the refnum. when I wire a array of double, and try to read Mod1, i get error "-1950678944 Scanned Variable Read in Untitled". 

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Re: Scanned variable read function - all channels

Did you check out this white paper too:

The first one you linked has been archived and was published 8 years ago, the above was last updated earlier this year and deals explicitly with cRIO and the Scan engine



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05-18-2018 06:56 AM

Re: Scanned variable read function - all channels

I got it!!! Selecting the correct class was the trick. I did trial and error by selecting every type of variable class one at a time. The below class worked for getting all module channels. 


Thanks mike for pointing me in the right direction!


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