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Quick Drop Question

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I've been using quick drop quite a bit lately.  I use the CTRL+space, CTRL+I to insert VIs into existing wires, but there are times were it's faster for me to drag VIs from the palette onto the block diagram.


Does anyone have a quick drop plugin that lets you select a VI and a wire and automatically wire them together?  For example it would be nice if I could select a VI with error terminals and the error wire and use quick drop to automatically wire them up.

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Thanks Todd.  I think I can modify that quick drop plugin to do what I'm looking for.

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Post it in the Quick Drop Community when you're done. Smiley Happy

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CTRL+SHIFT+I inserts into several wires, if you have them selected, where the ordinary ctrl+i would insert X amounts of the same object, where X is the number of wires selected.


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Here's what I came up with based on the suggested example:




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