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real time plotting of data!!!

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I am struggling with trying to incorporate what seems like a simple graph! I am running a loop which acquires a set of data per iteration. Now in each iteration I would like to obtain the max value from the data and plot it on a graph in real time so that as the loop updates my graph updates and I can view the maximum value for each iteration in real time.


I also would like to use a feedback node as opposed to a shift register. Can someone show me a simple vi which would do this with an arbitrary set of data? Please show with a feedback node. I tried the feedback node - but it only updates each value AFTER a loop iteration so I tend to always have the last value of the graph truncated 😞




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If you can post your code it will help us see what you are dealing with. A feedback node is essentially a shift register where you don't have to run the wire from the left of the loop to the right, so what you will see will be the results of the previous interation of the loop, nothing is on the feedback node/left hand shift register node  until the iteration is completed and the next one starts. The data goes out the right hand side, sneaks around behind the scene, shows up on the left in time for the next pass through the loop. Smiley Wink

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Example Attached with Feedback Node and Graph 😄

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