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Plot Data on intensity Graph

Hi community,

can someone help me ? i want to plot data on intensity graph but i dont know how to do that  with labview.

my project is about a tracking System. i have a sensor with 20 channels.1mm separates the channels from each other and there are arranged linearly. ie the sensor is  about 10cm Long.

the sensor is placed in the Box and i have attached a green marker on the box. With the camera, i track the green marker and get the Position and  orientation of the sensor

, ie x and y coordinates and theta. When i move my sensor, i always get the coordinates(x,y), theta and 1D array of 20 data per Position. Now i want to represent the data on a intensity graph or Chart (like a B-Scan), see the picture.

but i dont have any idea how to do that.


Please help me

Thank you

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What is the data you are trying to plot?  The picture says you want an amplitude, but you say you get a 1-D array of 20 data.  How to the 20 pieces of data translate to what you are trying to plot?

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Hi ,


Thank you for your reply

 the data are the amplitude of my magnetic field. I get one value per channel. This mean 20 values for all channels. these values are in a 1D array.



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Can you post some LabVIEW code? (LV 2012 for me). 


Do you want to have 20 intensity charts, one for each channel, or do you want to just average the values together? How do you store all your data? Clusters with X, Y, Theta, 1D array? What does theta represent? How do you want to represent that on the graph?

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I want to plot all data on one intensity graph. i did a simulation. See the attached vi but i dont know how to plot the data with depending of the orientation. May be something like polar transformation? theta is a orientation of the marker attached on the sensor box.


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The uploaded file says it is for LabVIEW 2013, can you upload for LabVIEW 2012? Just go to File >> Save for previous version...

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Just as an aside, my elipses were not meant to show impatience, the actual menu item has (...) at the end.


For your VI, I think you will have to be more clear about what you want to do. For starters, you should not be using a DBL for your X position if you are using it as an index and checking to see whether it is equal to a U16. I see X is your row index, is that what you want? Most coordinate convents choose X to be the column index.


What does your data represent? Right now it represents 20 pixels in a 640 x 480 array. Why do you choose to use the number 50 on certain iterations?

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Thank you for your reply and sorry for my delayed answer.

I've solved my problem.


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