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LabVIEW 2010 slow vi save performance

With larger projects LabVIEW 2010 seems to be very slow in saveing a vi.

When saving the same main application vi in LV8.5.1 it takes less then a second while in LV2010 it takes 15 seconds and longer.

(there seems to be no difference between the setting to keep source code and compiled code in the same or seperate files...)


Is this a typical behaviour of LV2010?




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Run a quick search and it will turn up a few people with similar issues.


Here somebody found a work around by stopping LabVIEW compiling the code at each save. This was done by adding an element that would cause a broken 'run arrow'. Obviously deleting the element before running the VI.


Using this method may help you to determined wether or not it is the compile time that is slowing down the overall save time. If it is then I would suggest that perhaps your code may be very large, fragmented or complex. If there is no noticeable change then I would suggest the issue lies with your host PC's performance or the integrity of your LabVIEW installation.


I hope this helps.

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I believe that the enhancements to the compiler has resulted in faster execution times at the expense of slower times to save/compile.

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I tried the workarround with the element causing a broken Run button. Then saving took less then a second. While saving after e.g. Adding a plot and plotting the time between Timeouts of the eventloop causes the save time to increase to 25 seconds. The same after deleting the 3 new elements again...


So it seems to be the compiler cuasing the long saveing time.

It also seems to be only for large VI's (e.g. the main application with a large event handler of about80 cases, VI size about 1MB...)

But anyway - the identical vi/project is compiled & saved more then 10 times faster in LV 8.5 then in



So is there a general problem of the new compiler with larger VIs?
Or coudl it be that LV8.5 and LV2010 are installed on teh saem machine?


If I see it right the only option left is to reinstall LV2010 _ I try to do that on an empty PC to eliminate other factors...

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I just installed LV2010 on a clean windwos XP PC and then tried the vi/project again - same behaviour (since it's a slower PC (Win XP SP3, 3GB, P4HT 2.8GHz, SATA HD) it took almost a minute now to save fater adding a chart fed by a Tick Count vi.)


It seems to be the compiler having trouble with larger vis?



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Dropping from 2sec with LV8.5.1 to 25sec with LV2010 would need to have dramatic speed inhancements to justify waiting half a minute fpor every save...

I did hope to use the code seperation from the source to work better together with SVN but not at the cost of such a long compile time...

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Since you will be doing much more 'running' than 'saving', compiler enhancements are a good thing.

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Well - I haven't seen much speed improvements so far - they are probably only visible under certain circumstances - but anyway - is saving/compiling takes that much longer, maybe a swith in teh options might be a good way so one can deside weathe rto inveyst that much more time for compilation for a project wher eit#s not needed...

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Same problem. I was happy using LV2009 only 4 second to save a big vi, but now this is spending 30 seconds to save the same vi.

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Hi Ramses1


Would it be possible to send the VI to NI to test? Unfortunately in teh VI's I'm experiencing the problems there are many 3rd party libraries included, so I woudl need to create a large VI showing the same problems but using only VIs of the standard LabVIEW installation - I'd like to sen din a service reauest for the issue, but that woudl obviously need a good example...

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