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Multiple Gaussian Peak Fit for Wavelength Spectrum



First, let me confess to being a relative noob..... So please be gentle.


I am trying to create a vi to analyse an optical spectrum of the form: Intensity vs. Wavelength. This vi would need to do the following:


1: Read the input data file.


2: Set a noise floor, below which all data will be ignored. 


3: Scan the spectrum and identify the amplitude, width, and center of any peaks that are above the noise floor. There will be multiple peaks present (as many as thirty or so).


5: Fit a gaussian to each peak.


6: Sum the gaussians and create a new data file from this sum.




So..... I know what I want to do, just not the best way to do it. Is there a vi already in labview that will do this for me? The Gaussian fit vi seems only really useful if you want to fit a curve to a single peak. If I need to build this from the ground up, which is fine since I need the practice anyway, what would be the best way to start?


Thanks in advance for any help.



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Still looking....


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Hello Nia,


There are many ways to approach this problem. By chance, do you have access to the sound and vibration toolkit for labVIEW ( That toolkit will make performing the signal processing tools which will make creating this VI much easier. The following links may also be helpful for getting started with your issue



Doug W

Applications Engineer

Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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