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IO Tag list to Labview



Does anyone know how to generate I/O labels in Labview from say a excel file?. I would like to make a Name/IO type list that I can import into Labview and generate them automatically in my Project.


I know that DCAF has a tag list system. But thats a bit heavy for my usage. I would like something straight forward that others can use without having to install and configure Labiew.




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The easy way out is to save (export) the Excel sheet to a txt file. Then read and parse the txt file.


If you really want to import Excel files, you need to use ActiveX. And that has consequences... Any executable you'll build will be hard wired to the exact Excel ActiveX version. So it will be a disaster if you distribute to more then one or two systems (or if IT updates Excel on those systems). That is an old problem, but I don't think it has been solved. Hopefully, but doubtfully.


You'd probably be better of looking for a .NET Excel\Office library.


Or choose the easy way mentioned first...

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