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How to Write & Read same field(eg Ring field) simultaneously and in same file

hey guys,
i am facing problem in reading and writing from a file to a field(eg ring,numeric) both operation has to be done respectively and front panel having only a single field(used for both read and write).

Thanx in advance

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Maybe something like in the example that I made for you? See the attached files. vi can only be open in labview 8.5

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In case you don't have 8.5: Right click on the control or indicator, select Create and then Reference.  Now you can pass your reference to a Property node, and use the Value property to set or read (right click, change to read/write).  Property nodes are under Application Control.

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hey jorge..... thanx for your reply but i am using LABVIEW 7.1 . i would be grateful if u could send some screen shots of those files or solution in LABVIEW 7.1 .


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Hi devil,

Here is the screenshot of teh VI.

- Partha ( CLD until Oct 2024 🙂 )
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Im currently trying create a file and write its first entry, keeping that file open, run a subVI and get the data into a spreadsheet.

On the spread sheet Im getting 2 1D arrays of 10 components each. One representing time, ad the other representing values of a sine function at those time.

I want to attach, or append on top of the spread sheet the name of each of those array before their values.

I new to LabView, .: I apologize if I said something incorrect on the explanation of my problem.

Here is a picture of what I have...

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Hi Caluctra,

I believe this is what you are trying to do. Please let me know if its not.

Eli S.
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See attached image.
Eli S.
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Hi Eli_S, and thanks for answer my question.


At the begining I though about wiring the path of the file I wanted to create to both write to and write to spread sheet like you showed on you screen shot. On my struggle to solve the problem I read that because of the parallel manner in which LabVIEW icons execute there could be some issues since both write to text and write to spread sheet  icons would try to write to the same file simultaneously, and what I  wanted was to create the file write TimeX\tab\Sin(2*pi*100)\EOL and then with the file open still go to the write to spread sheet and write the remaining 2 1D vectors.

Something i beleave is curious, at my job I redraw the circuit but in 7.1 version and i could wire the output of the write character to directly into the write to spread sheet file path; Something I could not do on version 8.0.

I finally could solve the situation wiring a refurm to path icon from the refnum output of the write to text to the file path input of the write to spread sheet Luckily it worked great.

Im now stuck on another situation again;

Im trying to create 2 1d arrays X and Y. X=Xo+idx, where i=0,1,1...N-1  Xo=lower limit Xn-1=upper limit, and Y=5*X^4.

Now am using 2 formula nodes, one outside a forloop and one inside. One the one outside Im getting dx=spacing btw point and on the one inside the loop am getting the two arrays X&Y respectively.

The error is on the inside the loop formula node and it says integer type required.

I thank you in advance for your help.



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Please post your screenshots as .png files, not pictures embedded in word documents.

The reason for the error is that the "to the power of" function is ** not ^

So your formula should be:


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