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I have a program that when pointed to a directory will search all the sub directories for a report file and extract data from it and write it to a file.  The main directory is a model number and each serial number has its own sub directory.  So now I need to reduce data that is also included in the serial number directory, but I want to select which serial number directory to process instead of every serial number directory.  So I need help figuring out how to select multiple directories whos data I want to reduce.
I know there is an option to select multiple files with the file, but I want multiple directories.  I am trying to automate the process because I need to reduce data in 30-50 serial number directories out of about 600.
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Is there any sort of naming convention you can take advantage of - like the serial number is contained in the directory or file name? If so, you can filter your directory list by serial number as you are recursively building the directory list. If not, you have to open the data files and extract the serial number and make a decision then.


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Hi Mike,
  The directory structure is C:\???\???\PartNumber\SerialNumber\DateTested. 
Originally I was thinking of selecting the directories in an explorer type window with a Ctrl+Click.  But after reading your post it is becoming clear.  Instead of clicking the mouse I can fill in an array of serial numbers which I can use to build a path with since I know where the part number folder is located.  Which will give me the subfolders with the dates which is what I want. (attached picture)  I think this would be the fastest search since I do not have to build a list of every serial number then pick out the ones I want.
But the rabbit hole is getting deeper.  I will then need to check the directories I just dug up and make sure they have a valid test report so I know the data is good, then I can crunch my data files.  That should not be hard though.
Thanks for the help
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