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How do I execute blocks sequentially that aren't connected?


Dear LabVIEW,
I would like to execute these "JPEGs" sequentially, but I don't really need to pass data between them, so I made up some data to pass around. There must be a better way to do this. How?
A frustrated LabVIEW user.


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You don't need to pass data from one to the other because you are using a flat sequence structure.  The frames will execute in the order that is laid out.  You need data passing only if you don't use the sequence structure.

- tbob

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My bad. It appears I had a race condition elsewhere in the program, and I though this was the cause of the erroneous behavior I was experiencing.


Good to know that these film-strip thingies work without input being passed around.

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Actually, those film strip thingies are considered to be bad programming practice.  What if you have an error and need to break out from a frame in the middle to handle the error?  There is no way to do it with sequence structures.  You should consider using a state machine.  There are many examples of state machines if you search for them.  Don't wait for some drastic problem to happen.  Switch to a state machine now and forget about those film strip thingies.

- tbob

Inventor of the WORM Global
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