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Data transfer in for loop

Why does the program not jump into the second for loop? Why is there no data in the element? See Atachment
Thanks for your answers
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Try Executed Highlighting (the ligh-bulb),  and see that the shift register is unitialized an uses an array of 0 elements.

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Hi Irrenhaus,

and there are some more mysteries in your code:
1) you don't need the small inner for loops (those doing the minus/square/sqrt operation) - you can calc directly with arrays!
2) What's that square/sqrt operation? Replace it by an absolute function!
3) Now you should only have one for loop in your code: When there is an auto-indexing input you don't need to wire the loop count input (at least when the autoindexing should control the loop!)

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Can you explain the algorithm you are trying to implement?
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This code should be the implementation of a simple kmeans. Input dada is time and current measurement over one day and we want to cluster into about 7 clusters over the day. Output should be the mean level of the clusters.

Pleas help me.... Smiley Sad


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Something along the lines of perhaps?
I would have never guessed from your code.
Where does the data enter the code??? Since you have a simple time series, do you only need a 1D kmeans?
Sorry, I don't have time to look into this, but maybe others will have some suggestions.
(RIght now your code runs forever using 100% CPU, while doing nothing useful ....)
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