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CoolSNAP HQ from Roper Scientific

If anybody has experience with the CoolSNAP HQ camera from Roper Scientific and LabVIEW 7.1: Is there any alternative to the SITK from RCubed for basic imaging functions? The SITK seems a bit overkill for our application.

Thanks in advance,

John Breneman
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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Hi JBrenem,

Thank you for using National Instruments forums.  Granted, I am from NI; my suggestion may be a little biased.

I personally have never used the SITK, but if the camera that you are using from CoolSNAP HQ is the RS-170/PAL selectable output camera (was the one I quickly googled), you would be able to use any of our analog frame grabbers to be able to do a basic snap/grab using our driver to take it directly into LabVIEW.  If this is the case I would recommend looking into the PCI-1405 as a potential solution if cost is a consideration.  If multiple cameras or triggering ability is more of a required feature, the PCI-1410 is a great solution for that.

I hope this suggestion can help you out.

Justin Louie
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Thanks for the reply jlouie! The CoolSNAP HQ actually comes with its own frame grabber which does have a SDK (PVCAM) available. Sounds like this thread is describing what I'm trying to do:

 I guess what I really meant to ask was, are there any LabVIEW wrappers for the Roper Scientific PVCAM SDK around besides this one:

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