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DAQmx Data acquisition tools

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I'm getting errors on start Task vi see attach DAQmx 1

I'm usingLabVIEW 14 and a USB 6009 and 2 USB-TC01 all 3 are in MAX

the program is intended to address 2 16 channel Mux chips and display 30 + channels of data.   VI attached too

I have tried many hours to solve the issue of no task name, somtimes it works but then the errors return.  I hope to get some help point out what I'm doing wrong

Thanks in advance


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You can only have 1 analog input task on a DAQ.  But you can have multiple channels in a task.  For instance, for the Dev3 channels, have the channel be "Dev3/ai0..2".  That will have all 3 of your channels in a single task.  Then you just read all of them in a single DAQmx Read (N Channels, 1 Sample).

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Thanks for the rapid responce!  I'll do some rearranging and try your solution.  I'll be sure to post the results

Thanks again!


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Crossrulz, your information was the solution to my problem thanks!.  I had to rearrange the array scheme, terminate the tasks, handle errors etc but I think this is going to work



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