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Can't find proper documentation

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I can't find proper documentation on NI's site for PXIe-5172. Only Quick-Start guide. Is there no proper documentation freely available?


I don't need getting started, but proper documentation like:

NI Signal Generators Help
July 2007, 370524J-01


Unfortunately I had to find this outdated manual on a third party site.




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Hi JesusChristus2,


Assuming you have the NI-Scope driver installed for the 5172, you can also find documentation using the NI Launcher (click Windows start button and search for "Launcher"). If you scroll down the list in the Launcher and select "NI-SCOPE", you'll be presented with options for Documentation, Examples, and the Soft Front Panel. If you open the Documentation folder and then "NI High Speed Digitizers Help", you'll find the 5172 documentation linked by Gregory under "Devices >> NI Reconfigurable Oscilloscope Devices Help >> PXIe-5172" but you'll also find a lot of good general information as well as the full programming reference under "Programming" (The Reference subsection provides API documentation for LabVIEW, C, and .NET). This provides a more complete documentation set, has the benefit of being specific to the driver version you have installed on your system, and it doesn't require internet access.


EDIT: If you don't have the driver installed, you can also find the full help documentation available for download here.



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My device doesn't show up in the link's list. Maybe that is why it's not findable by using NI's search. Unfortunately the .zip download points to an in insecure http connection. I think most company policies don't allow such connections anymore, at least mine doesn't. So I recommend changing this.

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