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Symbols on all columns of a multicolumn listbox

Status: New

Currently you can only set symbols of a Multicolumn listbox on the first column.  I think it would be pretty handy to put symbols in any cell on the MCLB.


MCL Symbols.PNG 

Knight of NI

David, it's only a potential bug in a released feature. Smiley Very Happy


So why hasn't this been released? Well because there are still problems in it that would need to be fixed first. Why haven't they be fixed? Because the LabVIEW team has other higher priority projects they work on.


And although it may seem like: Throw in a few developer hours and this feature is a nice new bullet on the next LabVIEW release note, this is unfortunately not that easy. For one it is a lot more than a few hours to release even such a seeminly small thing. For the other it is most likely conflicting with other much more far reaching redesign work on the underlaying LabVIEW infrastructure that some people are working on.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Try this in the LabVIEW ini file.


 Then check out the multicolumn listbox control.

Proven Zealot

My memory is apparently bad because I knew and then forgot about this feature over on LAVA.  That being said that INI key is fantastic for several other reasons too.  Ever want a user to be able to select an individual cell, highlighting it?  Vertically centering text.  Removing spaces when there is no glyph.  This INI can do that, and a few other features I can't figure out like Enable Color Glyphs, and Enable Indentation.  It also adds a few thing to Trees and normal Listboxes.