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Right-Click on FP node, find event structure cases

Status: New
As mentioned here, "Event Sources can be time consuming in finding when you have lots of FP objects."  I'd like a FP node Right Click menu option on terminal (or on the node itself) to Find Event Case if it is applicable. (Event Structure must exist)".

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I'm having second thoughts on this idea - how could it be implemented? It's possible to have a control with several event cases defined. Also, you can have multiple event structures on one VI that listen to the same event.
Couldn't you have a window pop-up that shows all the event cases where it's used?  (Think like the "Find All Instances" when there are multiple instances of a VI.)
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Casey, bingo, I like it. If there is only one instance, it automatically jumps to that event handler case. If multiple events are defined for a control (Mouse Down, Mouse Up, Value Change, Drag Ended...) a window pops up where you can double click on each case and then it will zoom and focus on the event case.


But like this idea - A Better "Find Missing Items" and "Find Items with No Callers" in Projects - the window must be resizable, non-modal, and won't go away as you double-click through the event registrations.


It could be just the the same behaviour as the normal search window that appears with "find all instances" or "find->loacl variabels" and so on...

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Consider a tree as a display mechanism for found Event Structures.


Kudos!  I was gonna post this today but found this old posting.  NI needs to recycle old ideas to the top of the hot list when the Kudos and comments increment (do they do this already?  If so, I haven't noticed).

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(Just a bump!)


Just needed it today again. I really wish we had this idea implemented!

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Still waiting for this feature.. Having a tough time figuring out the events handled for the controls..

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5 years and counting...

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Also a bump, and some comments.


This can be implemented with he RCF. Doesn't mean it should not be build in.


I think a better menu name would be: "Find>Static Events". No way LabVIEW can find dynamic events on the control, Static Events narrows it down to what it can do..


Needless to say because panes are FP objects (I say it anyway), right clicking a pane's scrollbar should also give this option.