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LabVIEW for Android systems

Is LabVIEW available for Android based systems and other touch interface systems.If not how about using LabVIEW for mobile measurements using these systems.

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There is LabVIEW Mobile, that runs under Windows Mobile 6. and there is a touchscreen edition, targetted at a special LabVIEW RealTime Hardware.


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Android is Linux based, I suppose that should help NI a little.  Some people managed to run Debian on their android phones.  It is not ideal, but, the complete Linux runtime/exe scenario could then be used.




Windows Mobile has morhped into Windows Phone 7.  Microsoft is phasing out Windows Mobile, except for "rugged devices".  How much they will put into it is anyones guess, but it likely won't be much, considering devices that use it are becoming quite rare and expensive these days. LabVIEW should make the transition in my view.  Kudos for Android, an open system that should amke it easy to create a compiler.

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PDAs are being replaced by Smartphones. Actually this gadgets are PDAs that can can additionally place a phone call. Thinking about the main tendencies in this field, come to my mind two main brands: iPhone and Android. Since I prefer things more flexible and open, Android is my choice. Will be nice if NI add Android target to LabVIEW. Kudos!

André Manzolli

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Google has the App Inventor (beta) to graphically design simple programs for Android. I sure would prefer to use LabVIEW instead to target my phone. Smiley Very Happy



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I like this idea as well, but I think NI is already working on a solution. I'm not sure what the technology behind LabVIEW Web UI Builder is, but it seems like this will be an effective solution that should be applicable for multiple targets (Android, iPhone, WebOS, Windows Phone 7).


In what ways would this not address your desire?

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uh oh, it looks like the Web UI Builder is built on Silverlight. hmm, maybe HTML5 would be a more flexible choice, but I did find some articles suggesting that it may be coming to more mobile platforms.


So as to the Iphone/Ipad. At least threre is a 'Interface' like the 'formula node' for C language.


I can see an Android tablet being a very popular platform for portable test equipment.  Developing DAQ hardware to attach to the back of the tablet would make it really useful for many applications.


I think there needs to be a certain way to be able to run LabVIEW executable/VIs on different platforms such as Android and IOS. Especially, since newer smartphones coming out with more computing power (duel core), more memory. There is no reason not to be able to use our cell phones as data acquisition/processing and tranceiving units using LabVIEW (I believe you can have it do that using other programming languages ). I think it would be a great addition to the tools in LabVIEW. 

Kudos are (always) welcome for the good post. :-)