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I recently retired from my job as an electronics engineer. Prior to leaving I had been using LabVIEW to create a number of scientific instruments based on data collection and logging. I attended a couple of training courses in Newbury and was getting quite comfortable with the software. Unfortunately I no longer have access to LV and the educational discount option available from the company no longer applies for me.


However just because I have retired does not mean that I do not want to generate more projects using the knowledge gained during employment. My main area of interest is home automation, alt energy monitoring and control etc. I am finding it very frustrating that things I could do quickly and easily in LV have to be achieved using other software, this means yet another learning curve.


I downloaded SignalExpress LE a while back and was hoping that the software may go just a bit beyond data logging but it does not. There is no way to manipulate data in real time so again I have to look for other software.


The full version of LV is priced too high for my application and it occurred to me that there may be an opportunity for NI to provide a stripped down version of LV for consumer use. This version would need to include vesa, basic arrays, basic math, boolean and charting etc. The inclusion of drivers for 1 wire devices would also increase the appeal plus ready made vi's for the usb acquisition hardware. Pricing may be an issue but for non-commercial use it would have to be well below £100


Incidently I was contacted by customer support shortly after downloading SE LE and it was during our conversation he suggested that a post on this site may be appropriate.








This is a really good idea and has already been posted to this site.

You may have a look here and add your "kudo" to it!


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Apologies for duplicate post. Kudos duly boosted !

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Thanks for telling your story! Feel free to add a comment to my idea. 🙂


Been there and done that !!.


Hope NI can see the potential and produce something soon.

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Yes, great anecdote, I'm glad altenbach and I were able to sneak in a Kudos before marked as Duplicate!  Smiley Wink Thanks, PJC.


I was recently laid off and am considering retirement. I started with LabVIEW 3.0 and would greatly miss not being able to continue to apply the knowledge I have learned. If N.I could release some type of "Retired Engineer Version" that would be great. It could be for a lower cost but traceable through registration and licensing. Mu main suggestion would be for instrumentation, and I/O control.

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Luckily for you, LabVIEW Community Edition is coming out (supposedly) in May.  Free for non-commercial use.

A few more details can be found here: 

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> (supposedly) in May


We are working as hard as we can to deliver it sooner. We realize that there are many users stranded at home these days who would like to have a copy of LabVIEW to work with. National Instruments is trying to accelerate our time table from planned months to weeks. Please keep an eye on in the coming weeks for further news.

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The LabVIEW Community Edition 2020 is now live for download.

Free and licensed for non-commercial use, with all the drivers needed to talk to Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and BeagleBoards. Details here.