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Edit >> Create SubVI: Tweaks

Edit >> Create SubVI:  I almost never use this function... but it could be so nice!

Imagine being able to develop code on some diagram, check functionality in line, and quickly generate a subVI.  We're so close with "Create SubVI", but in 7+ years, I've never really used it.


Suggested Tweaks:

1) Use default connector pane (12 terminals)
2) If there are error clusters, wire them to the bottom terminals.
3) If there are error clusters, auto create a case structure and put the code in the No Error case.  Wire the error cluster through the Error case.
4) If there are in and out references (e.g. File In, File Out), wire these to the top terminals.
5) Run Clean Up Diagram.

Certified LabVIEW Architect
Wait for Flag / Set Flag
Separate Views from Implementation for Strict Type Defs

One global to rule them all,
One double-click to find them,
One interface to bring them all
and in the panel bind them.

There are a couple of entries for this idea.  I hope NI is combining the votes for this idea(s).


I'm torn as to whether to create a new idea, but I will instead post this in the 3 Create VI Ideas that I found. 


I'd like to add a few more more feature to this idea.  



When creating a subVI, it should ALWAYS have the option to add Error In and Out to the connector pane, even if the code does not have error handling implemented (e.g. math operations).  If the Error In/Out already exist, then it uses these.  If not, create them.   



This is harder due to all the options, therefore I have an additional suggestion. This problem has already been solved .... conceptionally.  If you have every used the DLL Wizard that writes wrappers around DLL function calls, you will see that

a) it prompts you on how to handle errors,

b) it makes its 'best guess' at how to wrap the function call, and allows you to modify the 'best guess'.

c) it always has error in/out in the bottom corners

d) it allows you to choose a icon template for the wrapper. 


The solution for creating a subVI should be similar and might be able to reuse the framework from the DLL Wizard.

NI Employee

You might want to reword your title and main body to show just the ideas that are different from the other idea ( From what I see you would like to see some VI Scripting come into play with Edit>>Create SubVI where it would immediately add a Error/No Error Case Structure around the subVI and run Cleanup Block Diagram. The new changes with Edit>>Create subVI in the LV 2011 Beta are really nice thanks to your and tst feedback on that. If you could make those changes so that people know that this idea is different than what is already being worked on, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Grant H.
National Instruments
LabVIEW Product Marketing Manager
NI Employee
Status changed to: Declined
Functionality available in LabVIEW 2011.
Grant H.
National Instruments
LabVIEW Product Marketing Manager
NI Employee

The reason why this idea is Declined instead of Completed is that Completed ideas indicate that R&D was inspired by the idea to create the feature. This feature was completed witht the launch of LabVIEW 2011 but not specifically because of this idea. I think that the functionality asked for is completed though.

Grant H.
National Instruments
LabVIEW Product Marketing Manager