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Allow to add a name to the type specialization structure subdiagrams

Sometimes the order of the frames have to be changed in order for a VIM to work properly. It would be very useful if we could either rename the case itself or at least show the subdiagram label in the rearrange dialogue box.


Actually allow to add text in the frame case name would be much better and also help to navigate around when there is a lot of frames. All the frames are either ignored, declined and one accepted.



Active Participant

Very useful to debug and make sure the right frame is executed.


I am currently adding numeric constants to achieve same result but of course when i reorder the frames, everything gets screwed.

Proven Zealot

You know, I've wanted something similar, but couldn't come up with a good way to add the names. I like the idea of using the subdiagram label. Way too late for LV 2019 timeframe, but worth looking into. Darren and I have been kicking around a custom right-click plug-in that would replace the existing rearrange dialog with a customized one... this might get incorporated.


Trusted Enthusiast


Your remark only makes sense (to me) in relation to this idea.:



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Active Participant

Just out of curiosity, how hard can it be to simply add the text included in the subdiagram labels in paranthesis at the end of the the names listed in the rearrange dialogue box?

Proven Zealot

Sorry... I replied to the wrong thread. I'll ask a moderator to move it.


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hmmm...i think something went wrong...the other idea disapeared lol and i believe the last reply before this one was realted to the other idea Smiley Surprised


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!!!! Reposted the other idea "Add output to type specialization structure that outputs the number or name of the subdiagram executed" and it disapeared again lol

Community Team

 Hi All,

I apologize for all the confusion. I have been trying to move a post for 



Best Regards,
Kristi Martinez
NI Community Support
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That link ain't working...the post disappeared again lol