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Allow the "Find All Instances/Callers/SubVIs" Window to be Resized

Status: Completed
Available in LabVIEW 2011.
When you "Find All" on an object, there may be dozens or hundreds, but you cannot resize the window! It's limited viewing 10 slots at a time. (By comparison, the generic "Search Results" window can be resized when you search for an object or text.)
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Similarly, the errors listing window can be resized, but its various section maintain their relative sizes, when you usually only want to enlarge one or both of the top sections, which provide lists of VIs and errors.

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I now envision the "Find All" window to be not just resizeable, but hierarchical as well. Our core typedefs have hundreds of entries scattered across dozens VI's. If all the instances of a typedef were grouped according to the VI or control in which it is contained, the number of top-level results would drop an order of magnitude with the hierarchical method versus the current flat-structure method, making a more manageable organization structure to sort through.


The hierarchical method also combines all types of finds into one window, not two completely different types of windows. Shown below, the first image is the Find All Instances, while the second window is the Find All Callers/SubVIs. The hierarchical window could also service "Find Missing Items" and "Find Items with No Callers".



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Is the a request to make this not a global VI yet? I'm investigating a problem at the moment where I appear to be setting an FGV in the wrong place instead of just getting the values. the problems is I access the FGV in 200 different VIs and hunting through each VI caller and then trying to find all the instances is driving me nuts as the callers window is modal and the find all instances window refuses to perform any actions on the VI in LV2009.

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I updated the Project > Find dialog in LV 2011 to be resizable.  I'll try to find some time in a future release to have it remember its last used position.

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Darren worked on adding this feature to LabVIEW 2011 because of this idea post and it is now in LabVIEW 2011. I am moving this idea to Completed since the feature was worked on and added because of this post. Sorry we didn't catch it in time to move it to In Development and In Beta first but better late than never I guess.

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Status changed to: Completed
Available in LabVIEW 2011.