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Electrical power toolkit 2021

I would like to move to labview 2021 but the electrical power toolkit has not been released yet. Is there a workarround to use the 2020 version with labview 2021? Will it be released soon?



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Same issue. I wrote to a couple of NI guys, but no answer.

NI's support on this forum looks quite underwhelming.


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I've had to tinker with this in the past and it is only a set of VIs in vi.lib (and docs, examples etc) so if you really wanted this you can probably copy them from a 2020 installation to 2021 and then mass compile the folders.


I'm not saying I would necessarily recommend it! But if you needed 2021 now then it should work.

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Thanks, in the end I did what you suggest James, it was only for evaluating LV2021 for the moment. But on long term I hope to have EPT available officially (or at least a communication of if it will happen)

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