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Interfacing Mass Flow Controllers with Labview using CFP modules


 My question is what would be the best interface to communicate with LabView? Is what I have enough for my instruments to communicate with LabView?

I have the following equipment from NI:


            -CFP-1808, 8 Slot Ethernet / Serial Interface                                     (2)

            -CFP-TC-120, 16-Bit Thermocouple Input Module                           (2)

            -CFP-CB-3 Isothermal Connector Block                                           (2)

            -CFP-AI-112 16 CH, 16-Bit Analog Input Module                           (2)

            -CFP-OA-210 8 CH, 12-Bit Analog Output Module                                    (4)

            -CFP-AO-200 8 CH, 12-Bit Analog Output Module                                    (2)

            -CFP-DIO-550, Digital Input/ Output Module                                  (2)

            -CFP-CB-1 Connector Block                                                             (10)

            -PS-5 Power Supply, 24 VDC, 5 amps, Universal Power Input        (2)


and the following instruments to which I want to connect my modules to:

 -Mass Flow Controller-Brooks 5850e series 

                                    N.C. Valve (or N.O. Valve with flow £2.5 slpm)
                                    3.5 watts, +15 Vdc @ 35 mA, -15Vdc @ 180 mA
                                    N.O. Valve with flow rate > 2.5 slpm:
                                    10.5 watts, +15 Vdc @ 350 mA, -15 Vdc @ 350 mA

-Pressure Transducer -PSW-251   

115 AC / 28 DC 1 amp
                        3 wires
                                    Black - COM
                                    White - NC
                                    RED – NO

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You left out the important part of the specification for the mass flow controller.  It says it has a 0-5 VDC input voltage and a 0-5VDC ouput signal.  The cFP-AI-112 will work for the analog input, and the cFP-AO-210 will work for the analog output.


Also, you don't list the brand for the pressure transducer, but since you list it as having 3 wires with a common, NC, and NO, it must be basically a switch that is opened or closed at a set pressure.  The cFP-DIO-550 digital input module will be able to read that switch.



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Thanks for your help
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