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selecting and running vi's on a compact FieldPoint 2120 via remote panel


  I'm trying to provide two html files to run two different vi's on a compact fieldpoint. I can run either of them by setting them as 'run as startup' in the Build Specification which creates the startup.rtexe program on the controller but the only way I can run two different vi's on the fieldpoint is by renaming the files in the startup directory before calling the html file (and that doesn't work that well). Is there a better process to allow different programs to be run on the compact fieldpoint via the remote panel/html calls?



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Hey AgB2,


I think the best way to get multiple HTMLs linked to their respective VIs would be to set your VIs as the Startup VIs when you build the EXE to deploy to your Compact Fieldpoint. A KnowledgeBase article describing the steps to do this can be found here:


Next, all you'll need to do to get your two HTML files to run two different VIs will be these steps:


1.Build the HTML for each VI you want to control

2. Enable the WebServer for your cFP

3. FTP your HTML files to the www folder on your cFP


Once you restart the cFP, your EXE will run at startup with both VIs and you can access them by navigating to http://<ip address>/<vi name>.html. Just to double check, I did this on my computer and had no problem loading both HTMLs or taking control of both VIs at the same time.


Logan H

National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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thanks for that

I will try that out

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