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Reg. Centralized error handler.

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Hello All,
Can anyone  please help in understanding about the term centralized error handler.
 1. Centralized error handler (QMH)?
It means  should i have centralized error handler module (QMH) that will receive error from other module and take the decision and convey the action back to the modules. 
2. or can i just use FGV as Centralized error handler, one FGV integrated in each modules.
Can anyone please help me in understanding about the term Centralized error handler?
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Hi Hemant,


I prefer a design along the lines of your first idea. This way when an error occurs in one part of your code, it does not hang up another part of your code. This would happen if an error occurs in one section, and your FGV is waiting for user input while an error occurs in another section.

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