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ATM CLD Sample question trial



I have attached my solution for ATM CLD question (LV 2010 Version)

Could please give your Feedback / suggestions / recomendations!!


I have a question: Is it okay to put the event structure inside a case structure? I have read, it is not a prefered programming practise.

Thank you!!

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That looks pretty good!


A couple things I noticed:

  • The text does not always clear when I press the "E" button, I forget if that is a requirement.
  • Extra comma in the accounts file "34567,Bryan,Sm,ith,750"
  • The front panel does not have tip strip documentation

I think with the correct considerations, you can put the event structure inside the case structure (that's how the JKI state machine is designed).

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Thank you Gregoryj!!


Points noted!!

It is only mentioned to clear the text after entering the account Details. Not sure if it is applicable to teh amount as well.


What do you mean by tip Strip documentation in front Panel?? I have added documentation in the VI property menu.

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You right click the control >> properties and then go to documentation to fill in the tip strip. This is the small bit of text that shows up when the user hovers the mouse over that control.



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Got it !!

Thank you!! 🙂

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