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Rube Goldberg Code

Not sure why my question ended up here. It was intended for the source thread. 😄


Maybe the myth about too much tryptophan is true after all.. 😮

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I think you have some questionable sources here Christian:

"Turkey is, indeed, a good source of tryptophan. Still, it's a myth that eating foods high in tryptophan boosts brain levels of tryptophan and therefore brain levels of serotonin, Somer says.

Somer says that proteins like turkey, chicken, and fish, which are high in tryptophan, require assistance from foods high in carbohydrates to affect serotonin levels.

"Tryptophan is quite high in milk and turkey, but that's not the food that will give you the serotonin boost," she says."




That's got to be a Rube in itself!!! - it's like trying to decipher M.C.Esher's drawings



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Sorry, that "source" was just one of the first google hits that wasn't completely peppered with ads and I did not even read it fully. I was just going off the folklore that turkey makes you sleepy due to tryptophan (There is even a Seinfeld episode dealing with it!). 😄

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Not 1, not 2, but 3 different RG's to detect F>T in one VI:

Boolean F to T.png

OK, the 3rd is borderline OK...


Seen here.

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@altenbach wrote:

Sometimes the Rube Goldberg is not in the code, but in the external wiring. (seen here)



Question: "Please share ... connection diagram of how everything is wired up"


Answer:  The encoder is connected to Counter 0 while the servo connections are made to the Counter 1. The Encoder has 5 cables and they go into pins 96 (+5V), 86 (DGND), 81 (channel A), 85 (channel B) and 83 (Z index). Servo has 3 cables and they go into pins 96 (+5V), 94 (DGND) and 91 (signal).


a use-case for some of these ....



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Yes, but aren't electrons so fast that they will always go straight even if the two bare wires touch at an angle? Scratches head.... 😄

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@altenbach wrote:

Yes, but aren't electrons so fast that they will always go straight even if the two bare wires touch at an angle? Scratches head.... 😄



But since they are almost nearly weightless, that means they should have near zero momentum keeping them on the original path!  😉

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Electron drift within an energized conductor is quite slow, it is the E/M fields that move at the speed of light and hence transfer energy down the waveguide.



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I suggested to initialize a "4096 x 100 2D array".


Here's how that turned out (seen here)!



I guess I need to buy more memory.... 😄 (I wonder how many pins are needed for the memory address bus. That'll be a very (very!!!) long computer. 😮 )

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Here's my code and it does not work right, please fix it! (Seen here)




(It's like "... here is a picture of page #456 from War and Piece. Please use it to summarize the story of the entire book!")



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