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How has LabVIEW made you better?

回复: How has LabVIEW made you better?

LabVIEW has brought me great joy!

I have not learned C, C + +, VC, VB and so on. But the LabVIEW help me become a programmer. Get rid of the hardware design and software design has brought me trouble.

I created my own expense (private) Profile: LabVIEW - Northern Inn  

I used to learn all the time to understand the LabVIEW.


Do not know leave LabVIEW, I can do?


I love LabVIEW.

" 一天到晚游泳的鱼"

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回复: How has LabVIEW made you better?

I started using LabVIEW from 2003. I was working as a trainee in one of the s/w company where i struggled to learn the "Pearl" language. I did my enggineering in electronics and never understood the text language C and C++ during my academics. It was tough on mypart and i never wanted to be a software engineer (which is a big trend in India as of now).


I was interviewed by an alliance member and was recruited where i almost failed in delivering my first project. After couple of months somehow i managed to provide a module code to my PL (may be it was an opportunity to prove myself) which is accepted "AS IS" and i managed to deliver a couple of project in a short time frame.


This made me to show some more interest in LabVIEW, learning and sharing with people. Now i am a certified LabVIEW architect and still learning new things on a daily basis.


Guru (CLA)
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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

I just wanted to thank everyone again and give you a quick update - it just warms my heart to see how LabVIEW has positively influenced your jobs and your lives. Smiley Happy We've gotten so many great responses that we are trying to think of places in addition to our website where we can feature these stories, so we'll be contacting some of you soon.

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?


@Jeff Bohrer wrote:

I interviewed for a position with a fortune 500 company on September 10th 2001.  Considering the events of the following day, I never expected to hear back.  On the 18th, much to my surprise, I accepted a contract with the company and, again, much to my surprise, found out that the position I'd accepted required programming automated tests in LabVIEW!  I hated "programming"  all those semi-colons, syntax errors, indentions and typographical errors!  Don't get me wrong- I was fluent at times in Basic, Pascal, Fortran, C++, and yes "Turtle Logo".  But, maybe I'm a bit dyslexic or, it could be that my 9th grade Russain language teacher could not read my handwriting so I learned to type on a cryllic keyboard.  Programming was tedious and not so rewarding that I'd choose it for a career.


That day, Sep 18th 2001, I saw LabVIEW 5.1 for the first time.   The basics (wires, terminals, FP, BD, Connector pane, vi Hierarchy, and icon) were intuitively understandable! I took to LabVIEW like a duck to water!  It actually took me 9 months to write a bug that involved missing a semi-colon! (and that was in a string to write to a GPIB function!)


Fast forward a decade.  Today I represent a leading test solution provider as the lead LabVIEW developer!  Programming in LabVIEW seems effortless!  My skills continue to improve!  The IDE continues to advance.  And, I am challenged and rewarded in my career every day. 


My professional growth has been supported by my employment as a Certified LabVIEW Developer, and participation in the NI Forums.  Moreover, I LIKE "programming" and cannot imagine a career without it!



So, today was my first day contracting at ANOTHER fortune 500 company.  Unlike the last fortune 500 co I worked for, this one has one person with a LabVIEW certification.  (the ex-Inc has 0 CLAD's, 1 CLD, 0 CLA's: and the exF-500 Co had none when I chose to leave)


I found it "interesting" that even a quick job search showed that there were more "positions" in my State "requiring" a CLD than CLD's in the State.   Hmmm....


Then my new boss says " the good thing about LabVIEW is anyone can write LabVIEW....The bad thing is ANYONE can write LabVIEW" WOW, HE's the one with the CLAD! Smiley Very Happy  Don't get me wrong!  The "new boss" is intellegent, savvy, and a fairly decent to possibly gifted programmer (I've been there a whole day.)  Yet LabVIEW permts me to abstract concepts of "TEST" into layers of code modules that make the concepts "easy to code" once the concepts are defined. LabVIEW, allows me to document the controls, VI's  projects and even the wires so that they can be grasped on visual inspection without "digging" into constructs with odd syntax. 


Again, Thanks for asking- LabVIEW may not have made me better but, it made my career better!

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

A few years ago I thought of LabVIEW as a toy and recommended that we use C#, Java, Python or anything but LabVIEW where I work. I would say that LabVIEW was for people who don't know how to write real software. Our existing LabVIEW code, some written by me and some written by others, was extremely buggy, difficult to understand and nearly impossible to scale. My suggestions to management that we completely ditch this LabVIEW toy and switch to anything else fell on deaf ears.


I thought the only way that I could be taken seriously was if I became a certified developer. If a CLD recommends using Python instead then he might be taken more seriously. And how hard could it be to get certified on a toy! I looked at the process and got my CLAD with no problems. I thought I would go get my CLD the next week so I started looking at the practice exams.


I could not solve them in four days let alone four hours. Not only that but the problems didn't seem difficult which only reinforced my dislike of LabVIEW. Why should it be so hard to solve a seemingly simple task? I was not going to let LabVIEW get the best of me so I studied everything that I needed to study and got all the practice that I had to in order to pass. By the time I got my certification I realized why I hated LabVIEW. It had nothing to do with the language and more to do with my misunderstanding of it.


How has it made me better? I look at Python code that I wrote before my quest to become a CLD in the same light as I looked at our LabVIEW code a few years ago. I am now a better Python programmer than I was before all this started.


Although I now prefer LabVIEW! Smiley Very Happy

LabVIEW 2012

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

I was introduced to LabVIEW in 1988 and I was able to sway the powers to be to switch from basic to LabVIEW!  I started programming in Jan 1989 (v1.2) and have not looked back. LabVIEW has kept me happily employed ever since.


With LabVIEW I can focus on solving the problem instead of fighting syntax errors.



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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

I really Missed LabVIEW when I was a student before. For me, LabVIEW is the sole reason I love programming ^^

Thank you also for helping me when there was a time that there are points where my programs wont run well.


Brein-Ex Student


Attached is my last project 


The combo plate analyzer.


It analyzes 6 holes in the comboplate and gives an RGB color profile for each hole.

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

I like LabVIEW because "LabVIEW extends my Imagination"

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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?



After graduation in Electronics, I did not want to become a software engineer (that includes all kinda of C, C++, Unix, etc etc. I do not even know how many). No offense, its my personal view.


I got this job for LabVIEW fresher ( I had seen NI website while at college) and liked it from the first day. Common reason being not having to remember ';', ' "  "', etc and all that syntaxes, compiling etc ( had a brief course during college). It was easy to learn,  easy to remember, easy to understand and colorful too!


I was happy that I am not a 'Software Engineer'. I am a 'System Engineer' building test systems and applicaitons.  I finished my CLAD and CLD within 9 months of starting off with LV. And now, no turning back. 4 years and on.


On the personal front, LabVIEW taught me how easy our Life is 'not'. No "Ctl+Z" option.


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Re: How has LabVIEW made you better?

Hi all


Thank you for the Kudos!

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