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Bookmark Manager improvements

Status: New
by Member stbe on ‎04-20-2015 04:37 AM

I would like to see a few improvements to the BM:


  • parse only text fields that actually start with a # at position 0 (not displaying fields that have the # somewhere in the middle)
  • display tags case-insensitiv

I see that the actual work is done in the "Get VI Bookmarks" Invoke Node, thus it may not be trivial to add such features.


one related Idea deals with providing custom tag identifiers:



It's not secret that .NET or ActiveX object on front panel appears to be child window of NI container clipping window, which itself is a child of front panel window. When there's only one object in the container on FP, it is easy to get its window handle (HWND) by calling GetTopWindow or simply by iterating through all child windows of FP. This handle has to-one correspondence with automation refnum on block diagram. But when there are several .NET/ActiveX objects on the panel, it's impossible to identify their handles with refnums on BD.


The way of handle obtainment could be implemented by any of the following methods:



Autorefnum To



 Window Handle Property

(or let it be private property, being activated with special *.ini key)



MgErr AutoRefNumToHWND(refNum, hwndp); - this variant is analogue of LabVIEW Manager function FRefNumToFD, where refNum is automation refnum of .NET/ActiveX object (type LVRefNum) and hwndp is pointer to child window handle (type HWND *).


Probably many people may consider this idea unimportant, but when it comes to drawing different shapes, displaying text, copying window content etc., my suggestion may be very relevant.

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Sometimes we create code, which is not reused elsewhere, but may be visually large or unpleasant (bad readability etc). Creating a file/subVI is not always the most elegant approach to solve this, but seems to be the only option.


It would be nice, to have the option to "Collapse" and "Expand" code parts (like some editors for textual programming have).


The example below may not candidate as visually large or unpleasant, but here goes... 


We have some code.


Original Code


And wants to collapse part of the code.


Code to Collapse


We mark/select the code part and right-click. From the menu, we select "Collapse".


Right-Click menu to Collapse


The code we selected, collapses into some icon, without generating any files. It is purely visual.


New Code View


If we want to edit or see the collapsed code, we double-click the icon, to open a new window containing the code.


Open or Edit Collapsed Code Window


If we want to return to the originally code view, we right-click the icon and select "Expand".


Expand Code Icon


We now see our code in its originally form...


Back to Original Code View


I think this option would be nice to have.



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XNET database editor show meaning of values

Status: New
by Member Mario_Z80 on ‎04-17-2015 08:46 AM



I like to suggest adding a possability to show the text definition of signal values inside the XNET database editor, (e.g 2 => 'moving'). Right now I need to open another tool to check the meaning of a value that is already describt inside the opened dbc.

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Hi there,


in my opinion the XNET database editor is nice to handle database carrying some 10th of signals, but not some 100th to 1000 if a specific property is used.


- Implement a list view of all signals with its details, so that signals could be sorted by their properties, e.g. static or event type.

- Highlight FlexRay coldstart frames and nodes icons in tree view





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Resolve XNET 52 bit signal length limit

Status: New
by Member Mario_Z80 on ‎04-17-2015 08:23 AM

There are database out there that define signals with 64 bit length. And avoiding the need to use them as RAW frames would ease up the handling.

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NI-XNET handle CRC calcucation by XNET-HW

Status: New
by Member Mario_Z80 on ‎04-17-2015 08:15 AM


I suggest to handle CRC calculation of frames by XNET HW (similar to other thread in this foram that suggest handling message counter on CAN).


In every project there are frames that needs a CRC over whole frame content, e.g. for CAN:

<Data1> <Data2> <Data3> <Data4> <Data5> <Data6> <MessageCounter> <CRC from Data1 to MessagCounter>


Currently, all is handled by CPU which results in dependence to CPU and OS. Actually, complete frame raw data must be build in PC to calculate CRC (even if symbolic signal names are used).

 With multipe CAN busses in parallel use and different repetition rates of CAN frames, timing may become critically.


It would be great if it would be possible to configure CRC-8 calculation for frames. Since the calculation has some parameters that are different from customer to customer, a perfect solution would be a formula node, that could be shifted to XNET board and liked to multiple frames with parameters:


- frame name

- CRC protection start byte

- CRC protection stop byte

- CRC byte position or signal name



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Function palette - Alignment can be better

Status: New
by Member sandyy on ‎04-16-2015 10:24 AM







To Ensure readability of  the code - Remove bundle and Unbundle from function palette ??






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I missed the posibility to set the automatic wrapping of text in the table and listbox controls. Similar to string control, the text should wrapped at the end of a cell and the row height (if property 'Automatic Row Height' is activated) expand if needed.

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Status: Duplicate
by Member neberry on ‎04-15-2015 06:51 AM

Please can you add the ability to have subscript or superscript test in label strings? For example, for plot axis labels.  Matlab can do this no problem (preceed any subscript character with _ or any superscript character with ^).  It should't be that hard to implement.

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Writing good code typically involves spending a lot of time coding up error handling cases.

Dropping error cases around enumerated or string controlled cases is a common structure task.

This takes up quite a bit of diagram space and coding time when integrated over the entire job.


If an enumerated or string controlled case structure could have an optional terminal dedicated for the error data type only, this structure could be more efficient to code.


A typical implementation looks like this:


Standard Error Structure.png


My proposed structure would look like this:


Embed Error Structure.png



Ray M.

Right now - Requried Terminal is identified by either 1. Bold text in Help window 2.Broken arrow.


Will it be posible to highlight / mark the required terminal, so to identify at first look ? Something like mentioned below.


VI.PNG           zoom.png zoom3.png


Sorry i couldnt draw properly. but some thing like this to highlight both in FP and BD.


Lock text in center

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎04-13-2015 01:13 PM


                                                           "  lock text in center  "





                                        ... sorry ..  but the text is not in center


                  A > B , and the difference is greater than one pixel




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My suggestion would be to include a way to see what the default values are for inputs to a sub VI easily. This could either be implemented in the way shown below through the hover over tool tip, or by the context help window. Either way, it would solve the problem of seeing what they are and whether one needs to place a constant there or not. Currently it takes a few clicks and wasted time adding a constant to the diagram and deleting it if is a default value which is sufficient. 


Replace Enum with Tab and Vice Versa

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎04-09-2015 04:48 AM

It would be really nice to have a feature to Replace an Enum with a Tab and the Tab control contains the items which was configured in the Enum control. This would work the either way by replacing a Tab with an Enum containing the Items configured as Tabs. This makes sense because both are of the same data type.








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New SubPanel Implementation: mainframe

Status: Declined
by Member palm-harbor on ‎04-06-2015 08:55 PM

This is a very simple example of subpanel structure in LabVIEW






Status: Declined

Not an idea post

Store Quick Drop Settings in Dropbox

Status: New
by Member JacobsCSD on ‎04-06-2015 01:34 PM

I like quick drop shortcuts, and I would use them even more often if they could sync between computers that I work on.  I'd like to see an option to specify the location of my quick drop shortcut options.  Then I could store them in a folder that would stay in sync across multiple machines, ie my dropbox folder.



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Hi LabVIEW users.


One of our customer would like to change Increment and Decrement Buttons' color programatically.


Although it can be changed using custom controls, it is more easy to change UI if the function is implemented.


How do you thinks?


Eisuke Ono

NI Japan.

Apprecation Engineer.

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String/Time Stamp Conversion

Status: New
by Member wevanarsdale on ‎04-03-2015 12:16 PM

LabVIEW currently has functions Format Date/Time String and Scan Value to convert between time stamps and strings.  Unfortunately, these functions do not handle arrays of time stamps and strings.  While this conversion can be handled using a For Loop, a specific function would be cleaner and probably faster.  This functionality is currently available for other numerics and should be extended to time stamps.

I suggest modifying the Format Date/Time String function to handle arrays of time stamps, integers and floating point numbers as well as single values.  An additional function Date/Time Sring to Time Stamp should be created to convert strings and array of strings to time stamps.


time conversion.jpg

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