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Compound Boolean and Numeric Tunnels

Status: New
by Active Participant JW-JnJ on ‎07-02-2015 11:17 AM

So I have a problem between the most efficient way to code iterative operations and the way I usually do it for readability/simplicity



Most efficient.png


Simple and clean


I imagine the last way is way less efficient due to creating a matrix then working through it again.


I'm proposing a merging of these two ideas. A compound tunnel that performs the most efficient method, but doens't mess up my diagrams with a lot of crossing wires and other hard to read messes.




Note, this will only work for commutative functions (add, subtract, and, or, xor... basically anything on the Compound Arithmetic function)


I haven't decided how the selection function should work, so I leave that to the LabVIEW UI coding experts since they've done a good job so far.

If you need to wire cross other wires it would be nice just for the optic to have the error wire always in the background of the cross. Now the wire which is connected first is in the background and all other overlay it.

"Create Sub-VI" when only a wire is selected

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎07-02-2015 06:29 AM

I just had a case today where I had an existing wire (An array of configuration parameters) and I selected the wire and then tried "Create Sub-VI" on it.  Nothing happened.


Perhaps it would be simply consistent behaviour if we then allowed creation of a simple VI with Wire Datatype in and out with input terminal connected to output terminal.

When first launching the Quick Drop tool it can take a while. This isn't a problem in itself, but the fact that you can cancel the loading or continue working in the background is. This is especially annoying if you launch it by mistake.


Not a major thing, just something that could be improved.


Quick Drop idea.PNG

Say I paste a function down inside some structure, say a case structure. I wire from the input of the function back to the left hand border of the structure, which creates a tunnel with a 'broken' (dashed) wire to the function.


I would like to be able to right click on the tunnel and hit 'create control' and have it work. Although the wire is dashed, there's no ambiguity about the correct control type as it needs to be the same as the function input.

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When I use event structure

and I have quite lot of cases

adding new case causes I have to connect all input and output terminals

which doesn't change in that case.


The idea to is add a functionality to wire between input and output terminal

inside the event (and case) structure to "autowire in all cases".

In example I dont need to connect the wire in all cases but I eventually need

to disconect the wire in one of them.


It is important for references and other signals which can't be unwired and left with default values .




Status: Already Implemented

Available with the Linked Tunnels feature

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librairie de commande/indicateur

Status: New
by Active Participant lulu44 on ‎07-01-2015 03:00 AM

je créer des commandes et des indicateurs lié à un projet. je souhaiterai avoir accès aux commandes lié à un projet sans avoir à aller le cherché dans un lien comme par exemple:commandes indicateur.png

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Inner Classes

Status: New
by Member chris_d754 on ‎06-30-2015 01:52 PM

I would love to see inner classes. Inner classes can allow for more elegant code. Sometimes you run into situations where two classes are closely tied together that they appear to be one class, but not quite the same. Inner classes can handle this situation very smoothly. Thoughts and other considerations are welcome.  I didn't see it posted and have a few instances where an inner class would be beneficial.  I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement such as idea, but definitely think it should be considered.




Should be able to specify tolerance instead of just upper and lower limits. This de clutters the application block diagram when you are checking for a value within certain limits.


 . Upper limit becomes : x+ tolerance, Lower Limite becomes : x - tolerance when using tolerance instance of the polymorphic vi.


For even higher level functionality , specify units of tolerance : absolute, percent(1e-2), parts per million (1e-6), parts per billion (1e-9)

Allow project explorer window to be pinned

Status: New
by Active Participant ToeCutter on ‎06-29-2015 05:58 AM

I have a large library of general purpose functions and I do a lot of OOP in LabVIEW, and as a result my preferred workflow involves dragging a lot of functions from the project explorer window onto the block diagram. This workflow is slowed down, however by the fact that the project explorer window is regularly hidden by other windows when I click on them.


What I would like to see is something like most development IDEs have, e.g. Visual Studio, where I can have the project explorer always visible in a fixed position on the screen. I suggest this would be an option, so would not affect those who like things the way they currently are.

I have two pre-allocated clones. I probe the same wire in both of them. I go to the probe watch window and click on the first probe.


At this point, one would expect and hope that the probe-watch window would send me to the wire corresponding to that probe. Instead, it sends me to the probe on the same wire in the other clone.


Rather than repeating the unprintable response I gave upon discovering this, I will just say, DO NOT WANT.

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Currently, in Array Functions pallete, there is only empty array constant. But, isn't it possible to add constant of numeric, boolean and string arrays also? Anyway, it would be faster then to add them to block diagram, than now. Empty array constant should stay for sure - b/c it's not possible to predict all possible array types - but such common arrays will be useful. It's like in case of Silver Controls - there are already numeric and strings array (but also - why not to add boolean array there too? What was the logic behind it?).

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Change Equal Function to Configurable

Status: New
by Member kosist90 ‎06-26-2015 09:44 AM - edited ‎06-26-2015 09:45 AM

The idea is to change Equal? function in a way, that it will be configurable, and will have one input as function "Equal To 0?". Sometimes you need to evaluate number of loops execution in While Loop (or not just it), and when you put standard Equal? function, some of wires will be not aligned in a straight line (either which is connected to Index output, or which is connected to Loop Condition), and you need to move up/down one of terminals.

So, you can see it from the attached picture.


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Hi all,


In my opinion, the access scope warning dialog should not appear when the user modifies mandatory override settings.





  • Under "Class Properties" for a .lvclass
  • Under "Item Settings"
  • When modifying the settings of a dynamic dispatch VI
  • If the user modifies one of the two checkboxes pertaining to mandatory override...

Regardless of whether the access scope actually changes, a warning dialog appears, and selecting "Yes" seems to cause the IDE to mark unsaved changes for other classes in the class hierarchy chain.  The warning dialog should not appear when all the user does is set the state of the two checkboxes, and to me it doesn't make sense that all of the other classes now have to be saved.  (I claim some ignorance on the saving part, though -  it's just my intuition.)


Does this make sense?




Mr. Jim

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Print any favorite place of front panel

Status: New
by Active Participant e.ono on ‎06-26-2015 05:13 AM

Hi LabVIEW Users.


LabVIEW Can print front panel. But it there is option for "All front panel" or "visible area of front panel".

One of our customer is requesting it is very convenient if user can select the area of interest and print the area.


What do you think?

Best reagards.

Eisuke Ono

NI Japan.

If you have made a custom run-time shortcut menu and saved it as part of the control (always necessary for applications due to this issue), it is currently way too easy to lose that menu. If you replace the control, even though it is with the same type of control, the menu is silently lost. So if you have made right-click shortcut functionality, the user will no longer be able to call that funcitonality.




Possible solutions:




a. As a minimum you should be warned that the control you are about to replace has an embedded shortcut menu.

b. The warning could give you the option to copy the menu to the new control (OK set as default), or

c. The new control could automatically inherit the original's shortcut menu

d. -Alternatively only if of the exact same type (if you for example replace a modern styled listbox with a system style listbox).

I would prefer alternative b, as it would draw the developer's attention to the possible issue of the embedded menu (perhaps it is *not* wanted anymore, perhaps it is...), but make it quick and easy to choose to keep the menu (most frequent I would guess).

Formula node forbid to run VI when undefined variable is used

Status: New
by Active Participant Ytochigi ‎06-25-2015 07:12 PM - edited ‎06-25-2015 07:13 PM

On all LabVIEW version, we can use Formula node to evaluate mathematical formulas.
We can define input and output variable freely and calculate using some variety of formula.
But when we use undefined variable as output, can execute VIs with no errors.
We think it is a problem because when programmer makes a typo, they cannot notice the mistake.


When undefined variable is used as output variable, LabVIEW should forbid to run VI.



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Search Result window put on top

Status: New
by Member kosist90 on ‎06-25-2015 04:14 AM

It would be nice, if the Search Result window for the VI items (property nodes, VIs, indicators/controls) would be possible to put on the top view. Because, if there are many VIs opened, and user double-clicks on the item in the Search Result view window, focus is switched to the VI, which contains found item; and Search Result window is folded to task bar. It's quite annoying, especially when you have many items in the list, and you need to find some in some particular place in the code - you need to double click, verify searched item, find Search Result window in the list of opened VIs in the task bar tray, open it, and select another found item, etc.

In case, when Search Result window can be pinned to top view, it would be very user-friendly - user double clicks on the found items, he sees, where it is located on the block diagram, but he also sees at the same time all others found items, and he can directly go to the next found item in the list.

VI Scoped Type Def

Status: New
by Member --thatguy on ‎06-24-2015 11:16 AM

When creating a state machine it's often handy to use an enum that lists all your states.  

You then take that enum and make it a type def so that if/when you update the enum (to add or remove a state) throughout the states, all instances of the enum get updated.  


But the thing is, now this potentially simple state machine VI requires this secondary type def file.  No other VIs would need access to this type def so making it a seperate file just shouldn't be necessary.


Vi Scoped.jpgVi Scoped_2.jpg


Quick drop catch key presses while loading

Status: New
by Member Richard_Ha on ‎06-24-2015 06:23 AM

Have the quickdrop catch the keyboard shorcut keypresses while it is loading the list.


At the moment my VIs keep trying to run becuase I've pressed Ctrl+R quicker that quickdrop has loaded the list in.

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