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The In Place Element (IPE) is great and so are Data Value References (DVRs).... but... well sometimes I'm not such a great programmer and I will cause a dead lock in my code causing what looks like a "hang". Debugging can be hard in that case when trying to figure out which vi was trying to access the DVR. Also if I'm using the dvr for some sort of global storage, i may want an error to ocurr if some piece of code holds onto the DVR lock for too long. 


I'd love for the IPE to have a timeout when you have 1 or more DVRs and if ALL of the references are not available in the specified time, the structure returns an error. 


Include 'Transpose Array' method in the shortcut menu of a 2D array constant/control/indicator

Status: New
by Active Participant moderator1983 on ‎04-15-2014 04:56 AM - last edited on ‎04-15-2014 10:33 AM by Trusted Enthusiast

Similar to 'Insert' and 'Delete' methods, please include 'Transpose Array' method as shown below:


Method to transpose the array


'Make current value default' and 'reinitialize..' selections are reversed in the right click menu vs. the Edit menu. To avoid confusion, it would be nice to be consistent.




Wires should inherit their name from their source

Status: New
by Active Participant X. on ‎04-11-2014 12:31 PM - last edited on ‎04-15-2014 05:54 PM by Active Participant JordanG

Right now, if you select to show the label of a wire connected to the output of a named cluster, the label is empty:




The white space surrounded by a box pointed to by the line is the location of the blinking cursor.

This is similar for all wire sources: controls, constants, function outputs, etc and should behave similarly for all.


Disabling raise-on-focus for all LabView windows

Status: Duplicate
by Member jqu on ‎04-11-2014 03:32 AM

The current behavior of the LabView development system is to raise all its open windows (VI Front panel and Block diagrams that are not minimized) when one of them attains mouse focus. This issue has be discussed previously here

and here


The issue becomes much worse if the "focus follows mouse" mode of the operating system is activated. In this mode try to work on a non-LabView window on top of some LabView windows. As soon as you accidentally hit one of the LabView windows with the mouse, all of them pop to the foreground, eventually hiding the non-LabView window totally. This is neither necessary nor convenient!

Moreover, all suggested solution in the above links are inaceptable (e.g. minimze most VIs). I need to have open many VIs at the same time and I need to look at them, while e.g. writing documentation in MS word.


Now I hope I'm not the only person who learned to love the "focus follows mouse" mode during years of using linux.

So, to cut a long story short, I suggest to introduce a config option like "raise on focus" that toggles the behavior for all open LabView windows. I do not even ask to treat individual LabView windows differently, since I understand that this is not possible due to the internal window handling of LabView.


Thank you for reading this,




Connector Pane Context Menu Find Terminal

Status: New
by Member rnigro on ‎04-09-2014 08:44 AM


Right-Clicking on a connector in the connector pane brings up a context menu.  This menu should have the same "Find Terminal" option as if you click on the FP object.  This will provide quick access to the Terminal especially if the FP object is hidden.


 Connector Pane Find Terminal.png

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Can we have some report generation that is Microsoft Publisher specific as this would be more useful than word or excel. Or a more generic format that could be used by different publishers. Or a generic print file that is more adaptable to the page size and position on the page. LabVIEW desktop publisher?? This is because the only way to print at the moment is via word or excel or by printing the front panel which can be a bit hit and miss in different versions of Windows.

When I duplicate a VI inside a library or class using Save As... and check the option to add the duplicated VI to the class/library I would like the new VI to be placed in the same virtual folder as the original.  I will settle for what I asked for in the title, an additional option to perform the same.




Expression Node Redesign

Status: New
by Knight of NI ‎04-05-2014 01:05 PM - edited ‎04-05-2014 01:14 PM

For reasons outlined in detail in this idea, the the expression node should be redesigned. These vertical lines are too thick and the end arrows are pointless and too busy.


After all, the expression node is basically a [single line|single variable] formula node and for this reason it should look more similar to a formula node.


Here is my suggestion for the redesigned expression node (on the right). The current design is shown on the left for comparison.




Note that the grey left and right borders are exactly matched to the border design of the formula node, making things consistent and intuitive. (Top and bottom should remain single pixel to save diagram space). 


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Streamline product registration web page

Status: New
by Member Les__Bartel on ‎04-04-2014 01:05 PM

I have LabVIEW installed on two computers - a desktop computer and a notebook computer. Neither computer can access the internet. When activating my products, I must select the product to activate and then enter several pieces of information (name, s/n, computer ID, ...) for every product. Repeat for 2nd machine. I would like for the web interface to retain the above information so I don't have to enter it many times in order to collect the keys for all of my products.


Another option would be for the web interface to return licence keys for all products registered (or give me check boxes to select products to register) to the given s/n so that I can copy/paste them to a file. I can then move that file to the target computer and activate everything.


Inspired by a breakpoint discussion I looked at some Menu Selections that I do not use.


View>>Getting started Window... is one of them.   Don't get me wrong! I like the GSW it has many useful features like all my pinned items, online links, the RSS feed.... Basically all the features that justified the new GSW in the first place BUT, it opens "Modal" and closes after the first action:smileysad:  If I want to do a few things I need to reopen the GSW and of course I can't do anything else while the GSW is open:smileysad:


BUT! I thought to myself, "Jeff," I said to myself "wouldn't it be just peachy keen if the GSW opened Floating (Hide while LabVIEW is not active) when launched from the Menu?"  After all FP.Behavior is run-time settable.


After much patting myself on the back for such a brilliant thought I figured I had better share that super-dooper idea with the community!


Make the "Expression Node" and "Convert Unit" visually distinct

Status: New
by Knight of NI ‎04-03-2014 04:17 PM - edited ‎04-03-2014 04:26 PM

As outlined in this post, the current identical look of the Expression Node and Convert Unit can cause serious miscommunications, since their functions are completely different.


I suggest that they are made to look different so we can tell immediately what we have.


For example the two results below are very different, even though the code looks absolutely identical if the labels are hidden.


One possibility would be to make "convert unit" a different default background color (example shown below), but there are probably even better suggestions. How about rounded corners (not shown)?




Allow Windows-Style Sorting by Column in "Mark Project Items to Separate Compiled Code"

Status: New
by Member sbus ‎04-03-2014 12:06 PM - edited ‎04-03-2014 12:10 PM

IMPROVEMENTS TO LabVIEW "Project Properties->Project->Separate Compiled Code...->Mark Existing Items" Dialog


Idea 1: Column Sort Options


When marking project items to separate compiled code, there are two columns: File, and Status. The "Mark Project Items..." list shows not only your VIs in the project; it also shows all the LabVIEW-provided  VIs your project uses. Locating (your) VIs to mark can be tedious for a large project.


If we could click on the column headings and have it sort (forward and backward order) in the same manner as columns do in the "Details" view of Windows Explorer, that would make it much easier to find what we're looking for. For instance, by clicking on the Status column, all Unmarked items could be made to appear first.


Idea 2: Seletively do NOT show LabVIEW-included VIs.


Another idea is to add a checkbox that would cause VIs included with LabVIEW (those not authored by ME) to NOT show up in the listing; only your (local) VIs in the project would show up. The checkbox might be labeled "Include local project items only".


This would allow you to more easily contol the separation of compiled code in your VIs without the necessity of looking at what NI did with theirs...



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Wouldn't it be nice to just check/ uncheck existing sub-VIs of parent classes in the Inheritance Dialog Box, since all of the sub-VIs in child classes have to have the same name anyway. Instead of manually add them one by one.

With only a few VIs and a few child classes the saved work is huge.


PS: I did not find a similar idea here, so bare with me if it already was put up. The AES guy at the UGM did not know about anything easier then copy and paste at the level of WinExplorer and later add the files to the project.

Status: Already Implemented
We already have the ability to easily create new override VIs for the child classes (pop up on the child class in the project tree and select New >> VI For Override...). You can mass-select in that dialog to generate many of them all at once.
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For example I created a type definition with a cluster of four controls. I populated this definition in my program (about 100 VIs).

I am deleting now the second control of my type definition. Of course this new definition is now populating everywhere.
The order is not kept.



It should be possible to keep the previous order. I need an extreme long developement to develop and redo everything in my program afterwards.



Capture 1: Defintion + 3 uses in a VI

Capture 2: Deletion of the second control + the order is not kept: the control 2 is in Position 1 and control 3 in Position 2.

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It would be nice if there were an ability to grey out and not allow selection of an ENUM item if it has already been selected in a previous menu. 




For instance, if for "AO Channel 1" you select AO3, when you click the drop down for "AO Channel 2" there should be a way to disable AO3 since it is already in use.

Status: Already Implemented
Already implemented...use the "Disabled Items[]" property

I've noticed that the only way to access these 'common plot' types is through the plot legend:




I think these should be available in the Waveform Graph Properties under the Plot tab.  If you did not know that this 'common plot' option was available under the legend and you wanted to modify your plot, this would be the obvious place that a user would go to look first.



Colored flags for every item in the project explorer

Status: New
by Member M.St on ‎04-01-2014 07:24 AM

Hi all!


A potential new feature?...

Currently we are not able to give a VI or an other element in the project explorer a flag to indicate it's working status. The easiest way is to show a flag or a checkbox in the row of the item. The flag should be in user defined colors.


This would be very helpful to set up drivers from a template, or in every case we have to update a project.


To simple to implement?


Please vote to change the world ;o)



Best regards,


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