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New Idea

Compare aggregates option for scalar comparisons

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎01-29-2015 12:50 PM

I would like to have the ability to set the compare aggregates mode for comparisons involving containers (arrays certainly, clusters would be a nice bonus) and a scalar value.  This includes the comparisons to 0 functions as well.




Clean Up Wire function for several wires

Status: New
by Active Participant JonasM on ‎01-28-2015 07:05 AM

It would be nice to have the choise to clean up all wires options (All wires within a VI) when right clicking a wire. I know it works with clean up utility if multiple wires are selected, but I don't want to mark them with shift clicks all over. Just by right clicking any wire within one VI should get the all option.


Today (Before)



Futur (After)


Currently this function pads numer strings of a set width with space characters.


It would be useful to be able to select the character to pad with, for exaple zero '0'.


I understand there are workarounds such as search-and-replace after the fact, but it could be more efficient.


Using LabVIEW 2013.

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Whenever I configure LabVIEW for myself, I set the Option for Revision History to "Prompt for a comment when the VI is saved".  I've noticed, however, that when I update a TypeDef (.ctl), I am not prompted, and need to re-open the TypeDef, go into Properties, choose Revision History, and add it "manually".


While technically one could say that a TypeDef, being a .ctl, is not a "VI", the logic that would provide a Revision History option to encourage developers to document their changes should also apply (in my option) to TypeDefs, as well.  You can "disambiguate" the Option by changing "VI" to "VI or Control".  If there are other things (like Classes?) that might fall into this basket, this option should be similarly "expanded" to include them, as well.


Bob Schor


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It will be nice to have a button on the front panel of a VI (may be in the top right corner, near the window-minimize / close buttons) that provides a quick, "X-Ray view" into it's block diagram. After opening a VI if you press this button down on the front panel, you would get a quick glimpse of the block diagram behind it  while the front panel becomes semi-transparent. When you release the button the "X-Ray view" disappears. This will help the developer to quickly check the code behind any panel (when not needing to edit anything) without having to do a Ctrl+E and later closing the diagram. Also by pressing down the button, the developer should be able to drag the semi-transparent front panel around, over large swaths of the block diagram (typically larger than the front panel) to inspect all parts of the diagram.


Editor option for nested diagram background color

Status: New
by Member Alex5 on ‎01-26-2015 10:50 AM

I think there should be an editor option to color the background of structures (while loop, for loop, case, event, etc), based on nesting depth (e.g. only at odd levels), that doesn't have to be saved with the VI, and therefor isn't forced on everyone, but is "opt in" based.


Rationale: I have occasionally seen people color the background of alternating nested structures. My annoyance with it is that there is no standard. One person colors every structure a different random color, another person carefaully uses a single shade of blue for the alternating diagrams, most people don't do either. I think that the option should be a local editor optiion. Like the "show constant folding of wires" option. That way, those that want it, can have it on all the VIs they look at, and those that don't care, can leave it off.



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I have big numbers in a display as well as numeric entry box. To simplify reading and entry I would like to display e.g.

1234567890 as 1.234.567.890 or 1 234 567 890 using a dot or space to group 3 digits each (like Excel and others can do).

Some Notes:

1) Should be added to integers and floating point values.

2) Should take care of different group separators and comma settings in US and Europe

3) Would be great for constants in block diagrams as well.


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Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) support

Status: New
by Member Sebnor31 on ‎01-25-2015 12:37 PM

The current bluetooth VIs (as of LV 2014) don't support communication with the new protocol Bluetooth 4.0, referred as Bluetooth Low Energy (or Bluetooth Smart).


New VIs dedicated to BLE or adding support on current VIs is needed for all developers of this new bluetooth stack.



Allow more information-gathering tools when on a non-editable VI

Status: New
by Member LukeASomers on ‎01-20-2015 04:23 PM - last edited on ‎01-22-2015 02:37 PM by Member dcarva

I'm looking at a clone. I don't see why I would have to ctrl-M to get an editable version to do such things as:


- get the contextual menu up on the VI's icon to 'find all instances'


- get help on a VI that's on the clone's block diagram


- open or find all instances of a typedef via its contextual menu (the typedef being on the clone's front panel or back panel)


Combine LabVIEW Project into a Single File

Status: New
by Member xlaurencha on ‎01-19-2015 03:56 PM

I think it would be a cool feature if LabVIEW projects could be a single file containing everything instead of multiple files and VIs.  And individual VI's could then be converted to projects or added to projects.  Additionally, there could be an easy to find list of all of the toolkits, modules, and libraries that the project requires.

Something like this could make it very simple to move LabVIEW projects between computers, and would help keep project files from becoming scattered and disorganized on a user's hard drive.  (Without using some sort of version control).

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Can NI give LabVIEW developers an option to use a straight line for plot legend rather than zig-zag lines? See attached illustration. Will be great if the legend customization can also include separating the legend lines and expanding them so that plot labels can be relocated on-top of those legend color lines.


Anthony Lukindo





Open PDF Files Specified in VI Properties

Status: New
by Member wevanarsdale on ‎01-19-2015 02:49 PM

The Help path input on the Documentation page of the VI Properties dialog is currently useful for displaying content in CHM or HTML files.  I propose expanding this list to include PDF files.  Such files are an important method of documentation that is readily obtainable from common applications on most computers.  

One method of accomplishing this task in Windows is through a command line.

cmd.exe /c "PDF_File_Path" (open file in default viewer)
AcroRd32.exe /A "page=5=OpenActions" "PDF_File_Path" (open file on page 5 in Acrobat Reader)
firefox.exe -new-tab "PDF_File_Path" (open file in Firefox using a new tab)

Unfortunately most PDF viewers do not allow navigation in open files using the command line.  While a native LabVIEW PDF viewer with navigation would be nice, I'd appreciate the ability to just open a file by right-clicking on a subVI and selecting Help from the menu.

I've attached LabVIEW 2012 VIs, a presentation and a reference on help from the Nov 2013 ALARM User Group meeting.  This presentation describes some advantages of documenting LabVIEW applications using PDF files.


Change Read Key - Double, Int, Bool

Status: New
by Trusted Enthusiast on ‎01-19-2015 03:07 AM


"If the key does not exist, the VI returns the default value. "


What happens if the key is empty isn't described in the help, and in fact it results in "Error 19 - Read" or Error 1 - GPIB (sic) in the boolean case. Not a very helpful error message as it doesn't mention which section and key was faulty nor the call chain so it can be easily found.



If the key is empty, return default. Alternativly add an input "Return error on empty" to make it optional.

Include section and key in error message

Include call chain (now that's a general improvement needed in many VIs)


How to reproduce?

Read an empty parameter from an ini-file as double, int or boolean.



I would prefer to have a feature added to space objects horizontaly and verticaly by value. It would be very helpful for arranging objects in block diagram and front panel. br ws.


LabVIEW Exchange.png

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A new type of object reference thing

Status: New
by Member Taylor_H. ‎01-16-2015 10:24 PM - edited ‎01-16-2015 10:31 PM

So I often find myself wanting "pointers" :smileyfrustrated: But they are weird and not flowish in the labview world. Most of the time I don't want them for concurrency i want them for the ability to create complex data structures like link lists and such. And yes we can make them using DVR or priority Queues but it just seems like unnecessary overhead. I mean Pointers are really Really fast. So what options do i have.Options.png so who wins above? fastest to slowest:


Flow Count


Variant Count 2

DVR Count


Variant Count


So I guess i could use a array and use indexes for reference but that would be tedious! Plus I can't remove an element from an array without ruining all the other references! So I suppose i would makes something a mix between a ARRAY a Variant and a DVR the data flow would be like the array and the references would be typed like a DVR wire. I Imagine it looking something like this:


I call it a SCOPE because i honestly don't know what to call it.




Well what do you think would this be useful to you?

I would appreciate having a little bit more room, and perhaps a bit more organization, in my in-place structures and (un)bundle-by-name calls. Rather than separate them into separate calls, it would be nice just to be allowed to insert a dummy entry in the list. This entry would just let you space out the entries that actually do things. You wouldn't be able to wire anything into them.


Maybe the dummies would be blank, or they could have a black '----' as their name.



When you have to handle events, many times you have to use "defer panel updates"  fonctionnality, in order to make your front panel updates more fluent.


It could be nice to include a checkbox in the event configuration window, in order to ask (or not) an automatic defer panel Update.


If check box is checked :


  • At the begining of the event handler code execution : DeferPanelUpdate = TRue
  • Execution of the event code
  • At the end of the event handler code execution : DeferPanelUpdate = FALSE

DeferPanelUpdate for event handler.png

I would like to see a convenient method for adding class methods and accessors to the block diagram.  Based on a class type, it would show all compatible vis at the current level and from the parents as well.  Sometimes it is tough to keep track of hierarchy and what inherited functions are available.  It is a bit inefficient to have to go back to the project and documentation to figure it out when the relationships are already known.  Most other languages do this through dot operators.


LabVIEW 64-bit Statechart Module

Status: New
by Member wireman on ‎01-14-2015 12:37 PM

We really need the LabVIEW Statechart Module to run in LabVIEW 64-bit! Many of our projects are large vision projects requiring lots of processing and hence LabVIEW 64-bit.


Please make Statechart Module available in LabVIEW 64-bit!


Close build window when done

Status: New
by Active Participant Bob_Schor on ‎01-14-2015 08:43 AM

In building an Executable from a Project, there should be an option to close the Build Window when successful (as there is in the Deploy window, which has a "Close on successful completion" check box).  This would be a convenience, especially when doing a "Build All".

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