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Use standard Windows keyboard shortcuts to change font styles

It would be nice if you could change a selected font style by using the standard windows (MS office) shortcuts, such as CTRL-B for bold and CTRL-U for underline.  This would save many mouse clicks.


I realize that many people don't use Windows, so maybe it could be customized in the .ini file or would be dependent on what OS your are running.


font styles.PNG

Knight of NI Knight of NI
Knight of NI
While I fully agree, keep in mind that Ctrl+U is already used for the Diagram Clean-up and Ctrl+B for removing broken wires.
Message Edited by crossrulz on 07-09-2009 02:12 PM
Member Minions

Unfortunately, the Ctrl-B command is already in use for erasing bad wires.


It may be possible for the developers to differentiate between the front and block diagram panels.  Keeping the Ctrl-B in the block diagram panel for cleaning up bad wires.

Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

The best solution would be for the Ctrl-B/I/U shortcuts to work as text modifiers only when a text field is currently being edited.  Any other time they would act as clean up, remove bad wires, etc.



Active Participant Neil.Pate
Active Participant
I agree with Darren, on the FP there are no bad wires to be removed, so Ctrl-B (which is probably used more than Ctrl-I) can be set to make the text bold.
Example Gatekeeper
Example Gatekeeper

I'm really surprised this idea hasn't received more kudos.  One of the *first* things I noticed when I started programming with LabVIEW almost 11 years ago was the lack of Ctrl-B/I/U keystrokes to bold/italicize/underline selected text.  Come on, people!  Kudo this one!  Smiley Happy



Active Participant vt92
Active Participant

Thanks, Darren.  This issue is a HUGE annoyance to me, but I guess not so much with other people.


Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

I would kudos this idea but only if you can lay out for me all the shortcut rearranging. In other words


ctrl+b = bold

ctrl+i = italics

ctrl+u = underline

ctrl+?  = remove broken wires

ctrl+?  = clean up diagram

ctrl+?  = VI Properties


If you were mucking about with something like ctrl+d, which I pretty much never use and which few people it seems knows exist, I'd be fine. But you're suggesting changing three of the  shortcuts I use most, and there aren't any other keys still availble. What operations would lose their shortcut?

Active Participant elset191
Active Participant

Aristos, I think Darren pretty much covered this in an earlier comment


Darren wrote:
The best solution would be for the Ctrl-B/I/U shortcuts to work as text modifiers only when a text field is currently being edited.  Any other time they would act as clean up, remove bad wires, etc.


Trusted Enthusiast Trusted Enthusiast
Trusted Enthusiast

I like the idea of standard text formatting shortcuts, don't get me wrong. But something just seems fishy about having different context actions for the same shortcut. The documentation on the LabVIEW Quick Reference Card would become a little more squirelly, "This means this here, but this means that there...." which can be a fundamental UI SNAFU.


As an alternative, we need flock en masse to the idea of A text toolbar.

Proven Zealot
Proven Zealot

> only when a text field is currently being edited.


Yeah, I read that. Didn't like it so much... it wouldn't save me much time. I am rarely using LV as a text editor. Usually I'm selecting all the controls on my FP and changing the font of everything, and a ctrl+b to make everything bold face would actually be useful when I'm trying to magnify a front panel for display in a presentation. 


I suppose I should kudos the idea anyway on the grounds that I would like this topic to be visited in some form/fashion.