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Lock a Button

I am trying to lock out the use of a button when another has been enabled.


Here is my application.


I have a motor controller that controls the speed and dircetional rotation of a motor.


I have two button, one which sets the direction of rotation and another that enables the motor to accept the rotational speed command.


What I want to accomplish is to lock out the posiblity of the directional button once the motor enable button has been selected.


The idea would be once the motor is rotating in on particular direction the user cannot change the directional rotation.


Thanks for any help.

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Hi Tim,


Are you trying to do this in NI-Veristand or in LabVIEW? I ask because you posted on the NI Veristand board but you didn't mention anything Veristand specific in your post.


In LabVIEW, you can programmatically disable any control using the Disabled property node. Here is a LabVIEW example using this node.


Please let me know if you are actually doing this in Veristand and I can look into it further for you. 

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National Instruments
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I am trying to do this in Veristand.


I am aware of how do to this in Labview using the property node but I cannot seem to find any way in Veristand to do this.

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That functionality is not built into the button controls. However, you can build your own custom workspace objects. I found the following example that seems close to what you want but would probably need to be tweaked a little bit.


Also, this white paper has a tutorial for how to build the customer workspace control from scratch.


Hope this helps! 

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National Instruments
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