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2013 Veristand Add On That work



I am looking for some functional Add on to my 2013 sp1 Veristand.


I found the following link for a stiumulus profile editor ad on but it doesn't work on my newer version of veristand.  I was also wondering if anyone has developed a macro player add on?



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These files should be able to work with VeriStand 2013 SP1. The source files just need to be converted to LabVIEW 2013 SP1 and rebuilt into llbs.

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National Instruments
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Could someone from NI do this?


"The source files just need to be converted to LabVIEW 2013 SP1 and rebuilt into llbs."

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The source is included in the download.  Typically, you just need to open the project and rebuild.  If you don't have LabVIEW then this is obviously a problem (though you could probably run an eval version).  I'm in 2014 at the moment, otherwise I'd knock it out...

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I currently have no 2013/4  version of LabView available.


ANy help would be appriciated and I was still looking for an add on to select/run/pause macros.

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Here you go. Didn't want to take away your fun, but seeing as you do not have access to LabVIEW 2013 SP1 I did it for you Smiley Wink


Also, for future reference theres a Version Conversion Forum where customers can post their code and other customers convert it for them. You can usually get a pretty quick response.

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Thanks but I got an error when trying to run the .VI's you converted.


It says the VI's are version (14.0) which is newer then the 13.0.1f2.


Can you confirm you converted it to v13.01 as opposed to 14.0?

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Hmm that's odd. I rebuilt it just to be sure.

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National Instruments
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Thank you for recompiling this.  I'm probably in the same case as Tim where I am not readily able to recompile these in LabVIEW as I primarily use VeriStand.

The recompiled version works, however, it is the Legacy Stimulus Profile version (2010).  Could you also recompile the 2011 version so that the newer *.nivsstimprof files can be used? 


Again, thank you for your assistance. This will be very helpful.


Best Regards,



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Eric is out of the office this week, but I went ahead and saved the updated tool for LV2013 SP1. 


I hope this helps!




Andy C.

Applications Engineer


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