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Brain Controlled Automation system using Labview, INDIA


(Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education)

Brain Controlled Automation system using LabVIEW - INDIA

Mr. A.Salai Jeyaseelan & Ms. S. Mohana Priya,

Kalasalingam University, India

Description :

          There are something in this world which a word can't describe but a mind can realise. There are many feelings in this life which languages can't express where as a mind can. But how can we read that mind and understand it ? That is a real life, We can never read a person's mind. What if we are in a house which has a TV which turn on your favorite channel when you just think about it ?. And how it will be if your coffee machine makes coffee when you feel lazy or tired ?. You will call that house as the DREAM HOUSE right ? Its not going to be your dream house anymore, with labVIEW it is possible to realize your dream house in real life. Yes, you can control your Electronics with mind and your electronics also works according to your mind.

          labVIEW makes anything possible. With labVIEW, DAQ and EEG measuring device you can make your home turn magical.  

Products Used:

We had used a variety of products in this project but there are some specific and most important products without which this project wouldn't have come sucessful. The most importnat ones are

  • NI LabVIEW 2010
  • Arduino Uno
  • EEG Head Set
  • Dozens of sensors (Temperature, pressure, light, sound etc)
  • and lots of freindship.


Everyone expects something new, something easy and something with less effort for doing their day to day activiites. When these activities are controlled by something we feel easier but there will be some sort of doubt whether these works are controlled correctly. We all know our brain is a biggest controller in this world, controlling nearly a million parts in our human body for a long time without rest.So why can't it control other things that is outside our human body that can be easily studied. So we have planned to control a simple home automation with daily signals from our brain. This may sound simple but it is not so easy as we think. The brain as we know has lots of irregularities, inorder to recieve our correct signal we had to process the signals accurately.

NI Employee (retired)

Hey guys,

Thanks for this submission. Are you going to add more informaiton so we can learn more about your project?




Hi Salai,

Please provice more information for this project, guys