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Generate a LabVIEW VI From My SignalExpress Project

I'm using Signal Express to acquire and analyse signal from Tektronix TDS 2012B digital storage oscilloscope.

I've two problems facing now.

I'm not able to plot the BH Loop (Hysteresis Loop) in Signal Express, which is shown correctly in TDS 2012B but it is shown as two seperate channels in Signal Express. How can i get the BH loop in Signal Express.
I've attached the snapshots for the signal from 'TDS 2012B' and 'Signal Express'

Now I've this project saved in my comptuer. I was trying to convert this project to a LabVIEW vi. While converting it shows an error that "Tektronix instrument control steps cannot be generated into LABVIEW code at this time".
What should i do to convert the saved project into a labview code successfully.A snapshot of the 'error' is attached with this message.
Using LabVIEW 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.2
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To answer your first question, to view your 2 channels in SignalExpress like on your Tektronix scope (in XY format), once you have placed your 2 channels in the graph as in your "from Signal express.png" image, right-click on the graph and select "View As >> XY Graph". Note that the first channel in the time graph will become the X-Axis on your XY Graph. This should give you the result you are looking for.
I'll see if an answer to your second question can be found...
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Code generation of a Tektronix project is not supported at this time. We are investigating it for a future release and have two code gen options, please tell us if both would work for you, or if you require option 2.

1) 'Black-box codegen' - What this means is a VI is placed in LabVIEW that calls into the SignalExpress engine to run your project just as it would in SignalExpress and return any values obtained. The downside of this is you cannot 'open' the VI and look at the raw LV code. Also, you cannot deploy this to computers that do not have SignalExpress.

2) 'Normal codegen' - The generated express VI is actually made up of LabVIEW primitives to communicate with your instrument. The VI can be opened, and raw code examined and it can be deployed to other machines.


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Hi Phil,

Thanks for the help.
But i'm not able to see "View As>> XY Graph" in the right click menu on the Graph.

I'm using Signal Express version 1.2 and Tektronix Plugin version 1.1
Using LabVIEW 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.2
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Hi PatrikC

Thanks for the suggestion
I'd go for the second option, ie, 'Normal Codegen'.
The first option is of no use for me. If the generated labview code is not editable then there is no point in converting it into labview code in my case.

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Using LabVIEW 8.0, 8.0.1, 8.2
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Sorry, I didn't realize you were using SignalExpress 1.2. The ability to view time signals as XY was added in SignalExpress 2.0 which released earlier this year.
I'm including a simple LabVIEW VI which you can run in SignalExpress 1.2 using the "User-Defined Step". In the step, select the VI that I'm including and pass your 2 channels as inputs. The output of the step will be an XY value. You can graph this directly and it will be in XY. It's the equivalent of what SignalExpress 2.0 does natively in the graph.
I hope this helps,
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Normal codegen is what I was dreaming of



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hey guyz....


can you please post the final .vi file for making BH loop which is  in  working state.its urgent .


post what ever is there  with you about bh loop

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