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Quick drop cause LabVIEW crash

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Don't why Quick drop start to cause LabVIEW crash.  All version of LabVIEW crashes.

It's ok to drop a ctrl on the FP, or drop a node on the BD.  But when I use any plugin, even ctrl-R, LabVIEW crash every time.


Anyone run into this before?


I spent a few hours to run a repair, and it does fix the problem last Friday,  but only to find out the problem comes back today.


Windows 10 Pro, LabVIEW 2014-2020


George Zou
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Hello George.

Do you have any 3rd party Quick Drop plugins installed?
does the error persist if you remove all 3rd party plugins?




CTD + CLD + Pythonista
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Have you already removed any custom QD plugin VIs you might have added? Seems like a broken plugin could cause this.

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Thanks for quick response.


But this can't explain the repair works.

After repair, I haven't add any 3rd party plugin yet.


It's painful without QD.  I'm so used to QD, it's hard to avoid it.



George Zou
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Could you provide the following: 

LabVIEW Version that this occurs in. 

List of quickdrop plugins you have installed?

- Customized plugin short-cuts?


Best regards


CTD + CLD + Pythonista
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After the repair, remove your LabVIEW.ini file and your LabVIEW Data folder (make backups of course), and then see if things work. That would be the 100% default, no add-ons install of LabVIEW. 

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All versions of LabVIEW installed crashed before repair; now only the one I'm using: 2017.

I have a lot of QD plugins, some I made myself.


George Zou
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It looks like the QD triggers the crash, but the root cause maybe something else.


I was doing VISA Read/Write to a 3rd party instrument, and getting errors.  After I fixed all the bugs, no more crash.


That reminds me that I had similar situation before:



Kudos to Jesper, Ian and Darren.  Your response help me eliminate other possible causes.


I'll let you know if the problem comes back.


George Zou
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No.  Still crashing.


Removing all 3rd party plugin solve the problem.

Jesper and Ian are right on day one.


It's my own plugins broken.  SubVIs have been upgraded to newer version.

I know they are broken for a long time.  Don't know why they cause problem now.


George Zou
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