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Quick Drop Plugin: Better Move

QD Plugin for Better Move Objects in Block Diagram

Better Move as default LabVIEW shift/move feature which move Selected Objects only by 1 or 8 pixels. This Plugin move All Selected Objects until first Wire Bend.

See Animation (click to picture to Play animation) for more details.

BetterMove animation.gif

Select Objects in Block Diagram and Invoke Plugin by <Ctrl><Space> <Ctrl><z> or <x> or <c> or <s> and plugin will move All Objects in required direction until first wire bend.

I am using this (First-Person Shooter) Shortcuts:

  • z - move left
  • x - move down
  • c - move right
  • s - move up

Steps  to Complete

  • To install this plugin, unzip the folder into the <LabVIEW>\resource\quickDrop\plugins
  • No LabVIEW restart is required

Additional Notes

License: BSD

Version  1.0.0 - initial release

Saved in LabVIEW 2009 SP1

Known Issues

Very addictive

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I like the idea, but I'm not willing to dedicate four Quick Drop shortcuts to it.  I'd implement it with a pop-up that recieved the direction, perhaps like this:

Get Move Direction_BD.png

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Thank you for your feedback.

I will change it.

I found that <Ctrl><x> is not good shortcut when you forgot press <Ctrl><space> 🙂

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For me personally, I avoid assigning QDKS to the X, C, or V keys, as users may want to cut/copy/paste text into the Quick Drop text box, and a QDKS assigned to one of these keys would prevent this.


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It seems very  cool.But the function doesn't work in LabVIEW 2020.Do you have newer version?

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