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Hello all.

I'm currently making adjustments and improvements to an existing sequence that was not created by me.
I've come across some variables that are not being used in some sub-sequences, and I use CTRL+F to find them one by one.

I wish to do this process in the entire sequence, witch has thousands of processes and hundreds (if not thousands) of variables.

Is there any way to check if all the variables in a sequence are being used?

For example, in Main Sequence check witch local variables are not being used, or how many times are each being used.


Thank you

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Accepted by Diogo_Nunes

IIRC the Sequence Analyzer shows you unused variables.


deepest expression of condolences for this mess!


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Thank you. Totally forgot that tool existed.

Haha! It's not that messy and the sequence is well structured, I'm just trying to see if I can improve test time and memory usage.

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