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Programmatically Disabling Result Recording for Skipped Steps in Teststand increments "Number of Results" on text report

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I followed the instructions in the link below and all works as expected. This link describes how to Programmatically Disable Result Recording for Skipped Steps in Teststand.


Only problem with this solution is it still increments the "Number of Results" on text report. How do I fix this so it doesn't increment "Number of Results"?


Thanks in advance!


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IMHO this is a built-in feature:



After all the Step has been kind of executed...


I guess therefore it's the best option to modify result generation. I wouldn't go down the rabbit hole messing with the result list


Are you using the built-in reporting?


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If you do not need the results of the skipped step, you can programmatically delete the skipped steps result from the resultList. That should fix the count in "Number of Results"



Anand Jain


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Thanks for the reply! How would I do this?

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Yes, I am using the built-in reporting. How would I implement your proposed solution?

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Can you try this?




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I did try this but no luck. It is still incrementing the "Number of Results"

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That's a pity....


IMHO there's these two roads to go: either scan the "scan and clean" the result list or create your own version of the result processing




Before choosing either of these roads you have to consider, whether you will be re-using this (organization-wide) and how well this has to scale.



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Apologies for the confusion. If you follow the instructions from the link and do set "Parameters.DiscardResult = True" in the callback sequence, the "Number of results" should be correct. You are effectively deleting the item from the resultList when you set DiscardResult to true. 


Can you verify that you are not getting the skipped steps in the report? In my simple test using the latest version of TS, it seems to work correctly.



Anand Jain


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I am not getting "Skipped" steps in the report (which is good) however, it is adding these "Skipped" Steps to the "Number of Results" total which is what I am trying to fix. Note: I am using TestStand 2017.

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