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How to stop and restart execution of a socket programmatically

Hello, i have a sequence running in parallel mode with a series of subsequences and i wanted to do this:

once one of the 2 sockets encounters a certain subsequence (which has multiple instances) the other socket has to  wait for the execution of that subsequence to finish and execute only after.

i could probably do this overriding the pre step sequence of the parallel model but i dont know how to effectively do the waiting/stopping and starting. 

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Stupid question to start with.... if you have inter-socket dependencies like the one you describe, what is the reason you are not using the Batch Model instead of the Parallel Model?

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i have to use the parallel model for other reasons.

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OK, next step.


The thread title says stop and restart execution, the description implies that one execution has to wait for the an other one, so I'm concentrating on this.


Concept-wise, you might want to look into Synchronization using Rendezvous.

Yet there's a caveat to this: if you are running more than two sockets a Rendezvous become ambiguous. So you might give the semaphore a try.


Does your concrete use case refer to handling sth. like single hardware ressources?


I am very careful with recommending things without knowing a little more. I have gotten burnt in a Parallel Model Synchronization hell once...




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