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How to prevent teststand from crash if array index out of bounds for one of the test sockets

I have to test 20 UUTs using batch model. 

I go to SQL server and read 20 serial numbers that  have to use in my tests.

I have to use 7 test sockets.

Each time I tun sequence, seven serial numbers are passed to the tests. first run of batch sequence, parts 1-6 are tested, in second run parts from 7 - 14 are tested.

The problem is when sequence runs for the third time, when parts from 15-20 are tested. Test socket number 6 does not have UUT to test since there are only 20 UUTs (serials) to test and no 21.

The test socket 6 error is presented : "Array Index out of bound".


Please help how to solve my problem 



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