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Override a ModelSupport.seq callback

Hello, an elementary issue probably: I work with a customized Model (a copy of Sequential Model) - I need to modify the ModelPluginOptions sequence in my customized Model but when i do, it is never called. 

If im not wrong the execution goes from my sequnce file >>> my customized model's Test UUTs >>> Model Plugins - Begin >>> Initialize Model Plugins >>> Call ModelPluginOptions Callback >>> ModelPluginOptions. 


But this last one doesn't call the ModelPluginOptions which resides in my customized model. If I create a ModelPluginOptions in the "topmost" sequence file, then this one is called. 

The sequences from Model Plugins - Begin and on are part of the ModelSupport.seq, so to rephrase my question: How can i override a ModelSupport's callback in the model?


Thank you!

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You cannot override model callbacks from a process model.  Only from a client file.


So if you want your process model to execute that behavior then explicitly call it. 


Also, you should know that your client file doesn't call your process model.  It is the other way around.  When you click the Test UUTs button the order of operation is this:


Test UUTs (process model.seq)>>Model Plugins - Begin (TestUUT sequence, process model.seq)>>Initialize Model Plugins (Model Plugins - Begin sequence, ModelSupport.seq)>>Call ModelPluginOptions Callback(Initialize Model Plugins sequence, ModelSupport.seq)>>If ModelPluginsOptions exists in client file then call that, otherwise call ModelPluginsOptions in ModelSupport.seq.  


ModelPluginsOptions only exists in the process model so that it shows up in your callbacks list when you try to add it from the client.  It is actually never called.

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Thank you for your explanation. 

I tried calling the ModelPluginOptions directly from the process model but then all my settings done in there are subsequently overriden by the Model Plugins - Begin (ModelSupport). 


My goal is to force the offline result recording 'programatically' from the process model so that it's always on. I can change the options for this specific plugin, but how do i keep all the other stuff that the ModelSupport does (related to plugin initialization etc) while keeping my own parts of the plugin setup?

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