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Extra Window when using SubPanel

I'm having the exact same issues.  Have you found any solution yet?  I pretty much did all the same steps you did including copmiling into an EXE, but no luck.  I'm going to look more into the thread issue even though I'm not sure this is the problem.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one...

The NI Applications Engineers are looking at my project now.  We've been on the phone for a couple hours looking at why it doesn't work in my application.  We are all convinced it's a reference issue, ie the reference isn't getting passed correctly.  We just can't seem to find it.


As soon as we figure it out I'm going to post it.

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OKay, I was able to get this working in the development environment (not in a project). (yeaaa!!!)  However, when the UI is built as an EXE, it will not work anymore.  The TestStand code module is not an EXE, does this matter? 


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Okay, I found my answer...  Now I have it working as an EXE as long as I set the options in TestStand correctly.  I had to set the 'advanced settings' for this module to 'Always Run VI in LabVIEW run-Time Engine'.


One other thing I did to make this run more consistently, instead of triggering the subpanel visibility from the TestStand button of making the front panel visible (Show VI Front Panel is On/Off), I used the labview properties and triggered off of the VI's own properties of the front panel being visible during execution (Show Front Panel When Called).


Hope this can help someone else out.  This is a very nice feature for me, just wish it wasn't so complex.  I will have to write steps for each developer to use to verify their module will show up in the UI.

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I'm having similar issues as you. However, setting the module advanced settings to run in the runtime engine only didn't seem to help. Even the 2012 zip file that was previously uploaded doesn't work. Any further progress on finding out what actually causes this?

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I had some issues until I switched to trigger the visibility from the LabVIEW properties (Show Front Panel When Called) rather than using the TestStand property (Show VI Front Panel is Off/On).  Have you tried just leaving the SubPanel visible?

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I've changed the callback to only fire when a postuimessage is sent from the sequence file. We didn't want the callback to run for every trace event. I did do what you mentioned and am looking at the vi property for the front panel instead of the sequence file setting and still get the same results. The labview adapter in Teststand is also set for runtime only, since the test system will not have the devlopement environment installed.


Funny thing is, just after I made my first post, I realized what was said about running it outside of the project. I closed the project and ran the top vi from the llb, and it worked as desired. Without closing the vi, I opened the project file and it started acting up again. An executable built with the project works fine as long as the project isn't open.

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Hello to all


a similar post

OIsubpanel example dosn t work as executable

best regards
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Sorry to bump an old thread, but I'm also having the same problem (and if the original poster is the person I think it is, I may have inherited the code in question).


I've seen all the same behavior described here

  • Pop-up outside of application, but nests in subpanel when built into an application. 
  • Examples are working, but not the code itself.  

and am still having problems getting it to update.  Here's what I've done since then:

  • Updated to latest versions of Labview (2015 Sp1) and TestStand (2014 SP1)


To test this, I have a simple VI that runs through a for loop and updates an indicator with the loop count, to show activity on the front panel.  


After what basically was keyboard mashing, I noticed that indicator/front panel updates when UI window is minimized/maximized.  Also, I included a stop button for that loop, and the stop button works as one would expect!  I think I can make the following conclusions from this:  

  • The references in question seem to be correct, because if I minimize and maximize fast enough, I can see the number incrementing.  And if that weren't the case, the stop button wouldn't work.
  • The issue may be in when the "update front panel" signal is sent.  So I tried Synchronous Display for the indicator, and using a property node with Value and Value (Signaling) to update, but neither of those fixed the problem.  


This leads me to think it might be a settings issue of how the Subpanel receives the update from the nested VI, however, I can't find a way to adjust that.  Can anyone help point me to where I can find that?  Or are any of my assumptions incorrect?



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Hello Seth_K,


can you please test the attached example. I have moddified it for 2015.

Open in the executable in the build folder UI.exe and run the Example.seq.

On my side this is working.

best regards
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