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OIsubpanel example dosn t work as executable



I want to display the frontpanel of some VIs in the Teststand UI. I took the OIsubpanel example. It works all fine till i make an .exe from it. Then the VI s open in a separate window.

See attached pictures.


Does somebody know the solution of this problem? 


Im using Teststand 2013 and Labview 2013





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Hello Alteschwed,


link to the example

Dynamic LabVIEW Subpanel in a TestStand User Interface


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at the moment i try out the recommendations from the similar post

best regards
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Hello Alteschwed,


in my oppinion the best way is to use UImessages to transfer data between the UI application and the Teststand application instance, or to build a data server, which transfer the information with interprocess communication technics like network streams. The reason for the second popup windows is that TestStand and the UI runs in different application instances.


How to get it to run, but its not the best way like i explained before, but it should work.


1. build the UI and activate the activeX server




2. build a source distribution from the subpanel VI´s and do not exclude the vi´s from the vi.lib




3. run the UI.exe


4.change the adapter settings inside of Teststand




5. change the path from the subpanel vi´s to the source distribution path inside of the example.seq and save it


6. close all


7. start the ui.exe and run the example.seq


Hope it helps

best regards
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