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LM35 component file

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LM35 component file

Hello board members.

First of all i am very new to multisim and this board.

I tryed searching the kittmaster database and this forum with out luck.

What i am looking for is a LM35 component file that i can use in multisim. (or if that doesnt exist, a diode or whatever with a voltage coefficient of +10mV/*C .



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Accepted by topic author Toebs
08-27-2015 04:09 PM

Re: LM35 component file

Toebs ,


This link:, has a workable SPICE model of the LM35.  You can do a temperature sweep analysis or you can set the simulation operating temp in the interactive simulation from the Analysis Options settings (the default is 27degC).


To set to something different, go to the menu, Simulate -> Interactive Simulation Settings -> Analysis Options (tab) and click on the 'Customize' button. 

 From here locate the SPICE Analysis Setting, "Operating temperature, TEMP", check the box and change the default value to override the default.


See LM35 test circuit below



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Re: LM35 component file

thank you very much! Smiley Happy Just what i needed
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Re: LM35 component file




The LM35 component file  works wrong .  The current circle is wrong.

The XMM1 current is not changable.  It should change with the output voltage.


thanks a lot .

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Re: LM35 component file

Very, very good. Excellent job. Thank's.

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Re: LM35 component file

Very good. Excellent job. Ok.

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Re: LM35 component file

Hello all, 


I have a question regarding this, that hopefully some of you will be able to help me with! Smiley Happy


I pretend to use a LM35 to measure negative temperatures. Since the sensor is connected to +3.3V and gnd, the temperature on the real sensor will stop at 0ºC. On the SPICE model you refered, the sensor is ideal, i.e., it only uses the formula from the data sheet to give the output. The thing is, if I change the temperature to -10, for instance, the output will be -100mv, unlike the reality. 


I saw that many people add two diodes between the LM35 GND pin and the ground and measure the output between these two pinsn not between output and ground. 



So, anyone would see a way of editing the spice model in order to reproduce the real behavior of the sensor?




Thanks in advance!




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Re: LM35 component file

Hello. Voilá !

Write adapting the file to your model. Bye.

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Re: LM35 component file

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Re: LM35 component file

Is there a Solution for the Current-Source of the negativ Temperatur range. (Shown in the picture? (v- and v+) The model works with positive current for the complet temperature range. That is not an exact reproduction. Using only the positiv powersupply v+ will get only positive current at the output and work only for +2 to 150°C. (?)

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